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What clinical counseling services does the FFSC offer?

The clinical counseling services we offer are counseling for children, couples, teens, families, groups and individuals.

What are some of the reasons people seek clinical counseling? 

Individuals seek counseling at the FFSC for a variety of reasons including adjustment issues, depression, anxiety, stress, everyday family/relationship issues, and communication issues. The majority of our clients seek counseling on their own accord, although some of our clients do come to us through command referral.

Is it confidential?

There can be certain legal exceptions to confidentiality and our counselor will clarify this in the first session. Additionally, customers should review the Clinical Privacy Act and Client Rights and Responsibilities forms to see the specific restrictions on confidentiality as it applies to a military installation.

What clinical approach do FFSC counselors use?

The FFSC counselors are marriage and family therapists as well as clinical social workers; each one has a master degree in marriage and family therapy or social work and a license to practice. FFSC counselors utilize a problem-solving approach in counseling. The average counseling episode is 5 to 8 sessions. The sessions are generally 45 to 60 minutes in duration. In these sessions, counselors assist clients in identifying a new vision for themselves and help them with goal setting. By identifying the things that clients wish to change and enhancing their current coping skills, the FFSC counselors support and guide clients in achieving their goals.

 How do I begin the counseling process? 

 To begin the counseling process, call for an appointment at 081-811-6533 or DSN 629-6533. An appointment will be given to you as early as possible. Before the counseling process can begin, clients need to fill out a series of intake paperwork. Clients have the option of picking up paperwork prior to the first session to complete at home, or they may arrive twenty minutes early for their first appointment and fill it at the office. During the first session, the counselor will discuss the process of counseling, an individual’s rights as a client and the limits of confidentiality. The counselor will also work with a client to develop an individualized counseling plan.
If after the first session, further counseling is indicated, an individual may schedule further sessions. The entire counseling process occurs over a period of time assessed by both the counselor and the client.

How do counselors assess my progress/satisfaction?

The counselor will employ a customer-focused assessment tool as a way to review client satisfaction with their progress in achieving their counseling goals and also with the helpfulness of the counselor.

Are there any concerns I should have with the counseling process?

It is important for clients to remember that we all resist change. Becoming more healthy and balanced can feel unfamiliar and uncomfortable at first. Clients often notice that others in their life may resist their changes and will need time to adapt.

Client Responsibilities

Counseling is most effective when the client and counselor work together on agreed-upon goals. To maximize the benefits of counseling, the client openly shares his/her concerns in the sessions, follows through on assignments between the sessions, and provides constructive feedback to the counselor.

Additionally, clients are requested to notify the FFSC at least 24 hours in advance if they cannot keep an appointment. Clients with young children are encouraged to arrange for childcare during the appointment time.  The child development center can be contacted by calling 081-811-4989. 

For more immediate assistance

Our base security (081-568-4911) and hospital (emergency room 081-811-6150) can triage urgent safety concerns.

Additionally, for less emergent needs, base Chaplains (Capo 081-568-3539 and Support Site 081-811-4600) can offer more immediate confidential communication.


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