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Virtual Area Orientation


Benvenuti! I would first like to welcome you to Naples and let you know that although the process of a move can be long and stressful, we are here to help support you in this journey. We are all part of one team here and as we take care of each other, our community becomes a stronger one. Our Area Orientation team, with the help of your command sponsors, will assist you with your needs during this transition. We know that not only is making a move challenging already, but the stress and anxiety can be heightened during the current global crisis. As you are in quarantine, under restriction of movement (ROM) status, you will have access to video presentations that will help familiarize you with this location, along with all the forms and paperwork that needs to be completed. 

This virtual set-up includes all of these things that you will need as your journey in Naples gets started.  As you view our presentations that can be found on the Fleet and Family homepage,,​ you will see how we are a family here at NSA Naples. The presenters are going to walk you through all the paperwork and will be available to you by phone and email, if you have any questions.  Additionally, they will be setting up your driver’s license test and sojourner’s appointments for shortly after you are out of restriction of movement status.

For families planning to live on base, please reach out to Personal Property ASAP to setup your move into your new home, for when you eventually come out of ROM status.

Personal Property DSN: 314-629-6778, Comm: 081-811-6778.

If you have any additional questions you can reach the Area Orientation Coordinators at the Fleet and Family Support Center (FFSC) on the first floor of the Navy Lodge and at DSN: 314-629-6945, 081-811-6945.

Robinson, Matthew          +39 335-848-4641;

DC2 Dehoyos, Nickolas    +39 331-642-3458;  

Both of our numbers are also available on the app WHATSAPP

Looking forward to working together and supporting you in your journey. Forza Noi, Forza Napoli, Forza Italia!



Welcoming Command Video


Restriction Of Movement (ROM) Information

This is all the information procedures and guideline while in ROM.

Additionally the forms you may use to order supplies while in ROM



  1. COVID NAVADMIN 168-20
  2. Unrestricted Travel Chart
  3. Transfer Examples
  4. NEX Naples Delivers Order Form


Medical Department

The medical department is located on the Gricignano Support Site Base.  The hospital is available to support all your medical and dental needs for you and your family.

POC: HM1 Jack Madriaga 081-811-6209 / DSN 314-629-6209





Personnel Support Detachment (PSD)

PSD is located in Admin I of the Capodichino base and Logistic Specialist (LSs) are available to service all your pay or incentive issues.
CAC ID card replacement is available.

POC: PS2 Jonathan Varney 081-568-5050 / DSN 314-626-5050





Housing Department

Housing is located in two buildings on the Gricignano Support Site Base. They are here to facilitate your on base or economy move.  Staff will be able to help you from the time you arrive in Naples until you are fully moved in to your rental.

POC: Francesco Ninno 081-811-4930 / DSN 314-629-4930



  1. Housing Welcoming Package
  2. Temporary Lodging Allowance (TLA) Forms and Agreements
  3. TLA Instruction
  4. TLA Lodging Claim
  5. Forms (Housing, Codice Fiscale, Sex Offender)
  6. Economy Housing Realtor Showing Info
  7. Economy Realtor Info and Campania Area Info
  8. Emergency Situations in Italy
  9. Housing Loaner Furniture and Electronics Guide
  10. Housing Pet Information
  11. Housing Contact Info & Sample


Sojourners Permit

Sojourner Permits are obtained at the Fleet and Family Office located at the Gricignano Support Site Base on the 1st Floor of the Navy Lodge. The office will be able to facilitate any Sojourner applications needed for you family members and you.

For appointments please call the AO Coordinators at 629-6945/ +39 335-848-4641/ +39 331-642-3458.

For all other questions and concerns regarding Sojourners please contact:

POC: Tiziana Petrarca 081-568-4576 / DSN 314-626-4576



  1. Sojourner's Checklist
  2. Sojourner's Worksheet



The Safety Department is located in Admin III of the Capodichino Base. They provide safety measures for driving, outdoor activities, and private/social group events.

POC: James Dickinson 081-568-3147 / DSN 314-626-3147





Motor Vehicle Registration Office

MVRO's main office is located on the Gricignano Support Site Base. They do registration, re-registration, and issue your AFI/NATO driver's license. The driving test will be conducted at the Movie Theater at the food court.
Please call the AO coordinators to set up your test appointment.  For all other appointments and questions please contact:

POC: Shaan Ray 081-811-6876 / DSN 629-6876



  1. MVRO Info and Fact Sheet
  2. MVRO Forms



The Tricare office is located in the hospital on Gricignano Support Site Base.  They provide military members and their family with support and questions regarding medical coverage needs.

POC: Donna Chun 081-811-6330 / DSN 314-629-6330



  1. Tricare Enrollment Info


Emergency Management (EM) & OPSEC

The EM office is located on the Capodichino base in the air terminal basement. They provide AtHoc registration and CBR fittings to all active duty Navy personnel.

POC: MR2 Branden Stocks 081-568-5303 / DSN 314-626-5303



  1. ADHOC Registration Form


Personal Property

The Personal Property office is located on the Gricignano Support Site Base on the 1st floor of the Navy Lodge.  They will assist with your on-base/economy move for your personal property.

POC: Stephanie Szymanowski 081-811-6950 / DSN 314-629-6950





DoDEA Schools

The DoDEA Elementary and High Schools are located on the Gricignano Support Site Base. They have a link to be able to complete school registration.

POC: Samantha Love 081-811-4093 / DSN 314-629-4093



  1. Naples MHS Summer Registration SY 20-2


NSA Naples Chapel





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