Shipping Your POV

The Personal Property Shipping Office provides information on how to arrange for shipment of your POV.

Military and DoD civilians are allowed to ship one POV overseas from the United States at government expense. The shipped vehicle enters Italy free of import duty (tax). The Italian Ministry of Finance (Customs) authorizes DoD and NATO personnel to register up to three POVs for each sponsor at one time. Second and third vehicles (including motorcycles) may also be shipped to Italy free of import duty (tax), at the owner’s expense, and are subject to annual Italian road taxes.

When turning in your POV for shipment, you must ensure that the vehicle identification number (VIN) shown on shipping documents matches the physical description of the POV. An error may cause delay in receiving the vehicle and prevent Allied Forces Italy (AFI) registration of the vehicle.

There are no restrictions as to color, age, dimensions or special lighting of imported POVs. Vehicles shipped must be in mechanically safe operating condition and undergo a safety inspection when they arrive before they can be registered.

Estimated transit times are 45 to 60 days from East Coast ports and 55 to 90 days from Gulf and West Coast ports.

The purchase of a large new car just before leaving the United States is not recommended, but if you have a newer automobile and would incur costs by disposing of it, by all means bring it. Driving conditions in Naples are not what they are in the United States, so a big car will be more difficult to negotiate through narrow Italian streets and under congested, erratic driving conditions.

Only two U.S. insurance companies are authorized to insure U.S. vehicles shipped to Italy:  USAA and GEICO. Both companies have offices in the United States, and it is recommended that you coordinate an insurance policy prior to your arrival if you plan to ship your vehicle.


Importation of Motorcycles

The Italian Department of Motor Vehicle defines a motor vehicle as either an automobile or a motorcycle with engine power exceeding 1.5 HP and engine size exceeding 50 cc. Therefore, in accordance with DoD rules, you can ship one motorcycle or moped with your household goods, but you must pay Italian road tax when it arrives and is registered. AFI plates will not be issued for those less than 50 cc; however, Italian Moped Plates will be issued in such cases. All mopeds, motorbikes and motor scooters shipped with household goods are entered tax free, but must be licensed and registered with the base Motor Vehicle Registration Office (MVRO) prior to use on the road.

To effectively clear customs by local port officials, all mopeds or motorcycles shipped with household goods must be packed in a separate container (Container #1). The crate must be properly marked on the outside of the crate that this shipment contains a motorcycle or moped.

A copy of the title and registration, the member’s orders, GBL and inventory regardless of destination must be sent to Personal Property Shipping Office, Attn:  Motorcycle Clearance, PSC 808 Box 42, FPO, AE 09618-0042.

Failure to comply with this requirement could result in the return of the motorcycle of moped, confiscation by Italian Customs authority, fine or penalty and payment of importation fees.

Note: Importation of all-terrain vehicles (ATVs), three wheelers and off-road motorcycles is highly discouraged.  

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