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Gasoline and Oil

Gasoline and oil are made available to DoD personnel in Italy on a tax-free basis at a substantial discount over the local market prices. U.S. and NATO installations throughout the country have transitioned to the NATO Forces Fuel Card.  For those who qualify, this new card will allow you to purchase fuel 24/7 at more than 4,000 AGIP and ENI fuel stations in Italy.  This tax-free discount helps make fuel prices here comparable to those in the United States.

The basis for tax-free gasoline is the sponsor’s need to commute from home to work as an official duty. The ration amount and fuel type depend on the primary registered vehicle’s engine size, engine base horsepower and fuel requirement. Your monthly tax-free fuel authorization is either 100 liters, 200 liters (for an engine above 660 cc), 300 liters (for an engine above 1200 cc) or 400 liters (for a 6-cylinder engine above 2465 cc). Rations for motorcycles may not exceed 200 liters per month. The intent of this tax-free fuel ration is designed to allow no less than 1,000 kilometers of tax-free travel each month. For most registrants, your tax-free fuel ration will accommodate your transportation needs.

The following web sites have helpful information about the program:

NATO Forces Fuel Card website:

Self Service "Iperself" Instructional Video:

Full Service "Servito" Instructional Video:

You can contact the NEX to make an appointment to register for your card. To book an appointment, please call 081-813-5239/5286.  To expedite the process, please fill out the attached forms and bring them to your appointment.  Appointments last about 15 minutes and can be done by the service member or the alternate person on the gas coupon account.  Walk-in appointments will be accepted, but there will probably be a wait.

Some key points:

- You will be issued a card at the end of the appointment.

- This will allow you to use the Self Service aisle.

- This will allow you to use the higher filtered fuel (that is 'good' news for motorcycle riders).

- Your card will be charged for the pump you use. You will find that the

- Self Service aisle is actually cheaper than Full Service.

Spare Parts

Supply of parts and maintenance for American cars is often inadequate. It is a good idea to include spare parts for your vehicles in your household goods shipment, as many items are not readily available through the Navy Exchange and auto parts are expensive on the Italian market. However, the Navy Exchange continues to improve its auto parts service, and parts may be ordered and received in about four to eight weeks.

Do NOT ship extra parts – or anything of value – in the car itself, as items may be missing by the time the vehicle arrives.

MVRO issues IVA exemption forms for vehicle repairs. Not all firms accept them, so ask before the repairs take place.

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