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Space A

Passengers may also register online for travel or at the Passenger Service Center in the Passenger Terminal in person, or by FAX:
DSN: 626-5499/5259
Commercial: 011-39-081-568-5499/5259

E mail: 

or through regular mail:

U.S. Naval Support Activity
Air Terminal Division
PSC 817, Box 12 FPO AE 09622

Sponsors who register for family members traveling with them should present all required documents: 

  • Identification card(s)
  • Passports
  • Immunization records
  • Visas

When required by the DoD Foreign Clearance Guide. Travel documents must be presented when selected for travel, please have them prepared and ready.

Luggage Carts are property of the Naples International Airport and not the Naval Support Activity Air Terminal. Please return all luggage carts to their point of origin in the civilian terminal or the convenient drop off location just outside the Capodichino front gate. Thank you for your assistance.

Sensitive Security Information

The Transportation Security Administration requires us to collect information from you for purposes of watch list matching, under the authority of 49 U.S.C. Section 114, and the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004.  Providing this information is voluntary; however, if it is not provided, you may be subject to additional screening or denied transport or authorization to enter a sterile area.  TSA may share information you provide with law enforcement or intellingence  agencies or others under its published system or records notice.  For more on TSA Privacy policies or to view the system of records notice and the privacy impact assessment, please see TSA's Web site at  

Electronic System For Travel Authorization (ESTA) New

Effective 12 Jan, 2009, foreign national dependents traveling under the Visa Waiver Program (VWP) must be able to obtain a travel authorization via the Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) prior to boarding a carrier to travel to the U.S. for business or pleasure for 90 days or less. Log onto the ESTA web site at: and complete an online application in English. Travelers are encouraged to apply early. 

Dependents must be accompanied by their sponsor. When registering, travelers may sign-up for up to five countries, it is recommended that you use the "ALL" choice for the 5th destination so that you may take advantage of unscheduled or unique travel opportunities.

You can find additional Space A Sign-up Sites at: under A4 Air Transportation. The AF website requires log-in.

Space-Available Travel by Minor Dependent Children

Unaccompanied minors are not authorized to travel Space-A. Parent traveling in a Space-Available status intending to accompany his/her child who is traveling in a duty status is not authorized. Parent traveling in a duty status intending to accompany his/her child who is traveling in a Space-A status is not authorized.

Space-Available travel eligibility cannot be delegated or transferred. The source of travel eligibility is the sponsor. Powers of attorney do not create legal guardianship, therefore, travel under powers of attorney, noncourtordered adoptive guardianship, etc is not authorized. This means that powers of attorney may not be used to move sports teams, school children, boy/girl scouts, youth groups, friends, etc., under adult leaders/figures in a Space-A status. The sponsor or eligible parent must accompany their minor dependents when traveling Space-A. 

Also, eligible dependent children over 18 years of age cannot accompany a minor dependent with a Power of Attorney, since the older child is nor "an eligible parent or legal guardian". Unaccompanied minors will not be entered into the Space-A Register.

Travel Categories/Selection Priorities

A complete listing of eligible passengers by category is contained in DoD 4515.13-R. This webpage is for information only. In the event of a discrepancy between this webpage and DoD 4515.13-R, the DOD regulation takes precedence. The following is a partial listing of eligible individuals:

Category I:
Emergency Leave Unfunded Travel Transportation by the most expeditious routing only for bona fide immediate family emergencies, as determined by DOD Directive 1327.5.  This travel privilege shall not be used in lieu of a funded travel entitlement.

• Civilians, U.S. citizens, stationed overseas and employees of the Uniformed Services/Non-appropriated Fund (NAF) activities.  Uniformed service family members with emergency status indicated in leave orders may travel within the Continental United States (CONUS)only.

• Dependents of member of the Uniformed Services when accompanied by their sponsor may travel within the Continental United States (CONUS) only.

• Non-command sponsored dependents of member of the Uniformed Services, residing overseas with the sponsor, on-way to the emergency destination.

• Dependents, command sponsored of: U.S. citizen civilian employees of Uniformed Service; U.S. citizen civilians paid by the NAF stationed overseas, or American Red Cross full-time paid personnel serving with a DOD Component overseas.

Category II:
Sponsors in an Environmental and Moral Leave (EML) status and their dependents traveling with them, also in EML status. "Sponsors" include:

• Uniformed Services Members.

• U. S. citizen civilian employees of the Armed Forces who are eligible for Government-funded transportation to the United States at tour completion (including NAF employees).

• American Red Cross full-time, paid personnel on duty with DOD Component overseas.

• USO professional staff personnel on duty with the Uniformed Services.

• DODDS teachers during the school year and for Employer-approved training during recess periods.

Category III:
Ordinary leave, house hunting permissive TDY, Medal of Honor holders, Foreign Military, and others:

•Uniformed service members in a leave or pass status.

• Reserve components on active duty, in leave or pass status.

• Dependent of a member of the uniformed services when accompanied by their sponsor who is in an ordinary leave status.

• Uniformed service members traveling under permissive TDY orders for house hunting incident to a pending PCS. (One dependent may accompany the Uniformed services member)

• Medal of Honor recipients and their dependents when accompanied by their sponsor.

• Foreign cadets and midshipmen attending U.S. Service academies, in a leave status. (Dependents of foreign exchange Service members on permanent duty with the DOD when accompanied by their sponsor).

Category IV:
Unaccompanied dependents on EML and DODDS teachers on EML during Summer.

• DoDDS teachers of a dependent (accompanied or unaccompanied) traveling under the EML Program.

• Dependents traveling under the EML Program, unaccompanied by their sponsor.

Category V:
Permissive TDY (Non-House Hunting) Students, Command Sponsored Dependents:

• Dependents (children) 18-23 years of age who are college students attending in residence at an overseas branch of an American (U.S) university located in the same overseas with their sponsor.

• Command-sponsored dependents stationed overseas with their sponsor are permitted to travel unaccompanied to and from the nearest overseas military academy testing site to take scheduled entrance examinations for entry into any of the U.S. Service Academies.

• Command-sponsored dependents of Uniformed Service members accompanied or unaccompanied who are stationed overseas.

Category VI:
Retired, Dependents, Reserve, ROTC:

• Retired military members who are issued DD Form 2 and eligible to receive retired or retainer pay.

• Reserve components/members.

• Family members (with a valid identification card) of retired members when accompanied by sponsor.

Selection Process

Travelers remain on the register for 60 days or the duration of their travel orders or authorization, whichever occurs first. When you register, you are assigned a category of travel and compete for seats within categories based on the date and time of registration. This date and time of sign-up are yours through to destination; you will receive a new date and time when you register for your return travel. You may be able to sign-up prior to arrival at a destination by use of: FAX, by mail, or by e-mail.

Space required passengers or cargo may require the removal of Space-A passengers at any point. If removed on route, you may reregister with your original date and time of registration. Passenger Service will assign a new date and time to any country or destination you change or add on your application.

Always be prepared to purchase onward or return commercial transportation, meals, and lodging.

Remember Space-A seats are normally identified as early as 2-3 hours and late as 30 minutes prior to departure. It is recommended you check with the passenger service center for the space available show time for the flight you wish to take.


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