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COVID-19 Resource Guide

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As the COVID-19 Delta variant continues to spread, the caseload in the Campania and Lazio regions have reached a “substantial” infection threshold, as defined by the CDC, which triggers a mask policy update for our installation.

The Secretary of Defense Memorandum of July 28, 2021, states that “in areas of substantial or high community transmission, DoD requires all Service members, Federal employees, onsite contractor employees, and visitors, regardless of vaccination status, to wear a mask in an indoor setting in installations and other facilities owned, leased or otherwise controlled by DoD.”

Following CDC guidance, we are now implementing the below mask policy, effective immediately:

POLICY: Wearing masks remains the expectation for those onboard NSA Naples if unable to maintain two meters/ six feet of distance from others when outdoors. Masks are now required to be worn indoors at all times onboard NSA Naples with the following exceptions: you are in your living quarters/home, you are alone in an office (closed door from floor to ceiling), you are actively eating or drinking with proper social distancing, you are under two years of age, there is a medical necessity to not wear a mask that is documented by their healthcare provider, you are actively working out in the gym (see additional guidance below).

HN WORKER protocols have not changed and continue to apply.

ALL individuals have a right to wear a mask, if desired, even when not required. Everyone aboard NSA Naples should respect the privacy of individuals and refrain from questioning others about vaccination status or personal reasons for wearing a mask.

All community members should review the most current Italian Decrees and Ordinances to ensure they are in compliance as they travel around Italy. The most up-to-date Italian guidance is on our COVID-19 News page:

Finally, if you feel unwell, do not come to work! Regardless of your vaccination status, if you are not feeling well and are symptomatic (fever or chills, cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, fatigue, muscle or body aches, headache, loss of taste or smell, sore throat, congestion or runny nose, nausea or vomiting, diarrhea), please stay home and notify your supervisor. If your children do not feel well, do not send them to school or to childcare! We need to work together as a community to keep COVID rates low. Remember, your choice may affect others. Let’s err of the side of caution this year! If in doubt, stay home.

- CDC recommends that fully vaccinated people should still be tested if experiencing COVID-19 symptoms.

- Fully vaccinated personnel should not visit private or public settings if they have tested positive for COVID-19 in the prior 10 days or are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please reach out to your supervisor.

For more information, visit

NSA Naples Mask Policy

As of 17 August 2021

Q: Are masks now required inside the gyms?

A: Only people with CDC cards or a Green Pass may use the gyms per Italian law. You must wear your mask upon entry/exit of the facility and while transiting between stations. People may remove their masks while actively exercising and socially distanced in the gyms. Follow all signage in the gyms as well as the direction of gym employees.

Q: Do I have to wear a mask in the base movie theaters?

A: At the movie theater, you must wear your mask. You may remove your mask when you are actively drinking a beverage or eating your movie snacks.

Q: Do I have to wear a mask while bowling on base?

A: If bowling within your household group, you may remove your mask. Masks are required if you are bowling with a group outside of your own household.

Q: If I have friends over to my home, do we have to wear masks?

A: We encourage people who mix family units to apply their best judgement to wearing masks to mitigate the risk of community spread.

For more information on mask requirements and rules for using MWR resources, please see their Facebook page at:

We encourage all personnel to make the personal choice to be fully vaccinated. The CDC has consistently stated that the vaccine is our best protection in preventing severe illness or death from COVID-19, regardless of known variants/strains of the virus. If you want to make the personal choice to be vaccinated against COVID-19, or have questions about the vaccine, please visit the U.S. Naval Hospital Naples website:

For information on COVID-19 transmission rates in Europe, you can visit this website:

For information on how the CDC classifies transmission levels, please see the following link:

Let's continue to work as a community to keep everyone safe and keep everyone in school and at work. Supporting the mission means limiting your close contacts as even vaccinated close contacts will be required to ROM and test. Just like before, one positive case in the school or at work has the potential to impact many... We are all in this together.

NSA Naples is currently using  the EU's Reopen Europe website for guidance on travel. The "Travel Plan" function which has all the requirements for leaving, entering and returning to host nation. 

As of June 18, 2021, travelers from the United States may enter Italy without being required to go into restriction of movement (ROM) if they are carrying proof of COVID-19 immunization, such as the U.S. CDC vaccination card. Please keep in mind, commands aboard NSA Naples may still require ROM. 

Under an ordinance issued by the Italian Ministry of Health, effective through July 30, individuals traveling to Italy from the U.S., Canada, Japan and European Union member nations are required to present one of the following certifications (also known as a “green certification”) issued by their country’s health authorities:

- Immunization with a vaccine acknowledged by the European Medicines Agency (EMA). All three vaccines currently authorized for emergency use in the U.S. (Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson) are also authorized by the EMA. The Italian and U.S. embassies have confirmed that the U.S. CDC vaccination card will be accepted as proof of immunization.

- Recovery from COVID-19 and conclusion of the required period of isolation.

- A negative result from a rapid antigen or molecular test conducted within 48 hours of arrival in Italy. (NOTE: Children under the age of 6 are not required to be tested before travel to Italy.)

Travelers who present one of these certifications upon entry will not require quarantine or ROM in Italy after arrival. Additionally, travelers under the age of 18 accompanied by a parent or family member with these certifications will not be required to ROM. However, minors between the ages of 6 and 18 must have proof of immunization, a negative pre-departure COVID test or have recovered from a prior COVID infection.

This ordinance also applies to personnel arriving at NSA Naples on rotator flights from the U.S., Japan or EU member nations. Travelers must provide proof of immunization, COVID recovery or a negative COVID test upon arrival. Any travelers who do not meet these criteria will be subject to 10 days of ROM and will require a negative COVID test.

We recommend that U.S. travelers to Italy print out and carry the Italian Embassy’s summary of the new ordinance, which states that the CDC vaccination card can be used as proof of immunization. It can be found at the following website:

Please contact your command’s legal office if you have any questions.

Activity and Event Instructions

The following instructions will help you when planning an activity or event with individuals outside of your household. 

1)      Check the Decree

  • Whatever type of event or occasion, check the DPCM to ensure your activity is not restricted. If there is any doubt as to whether or not a class, organization, club, or group activity is not in compliance with the DPCM, please route the legacy AER form to M-NA-NSA-OPS-AER-GS@OCONUS.NAVY.MIL and allow at least 14 days for processing. Please do not route requests for activities that are in clear violation of the decree.

2)      Keep your bubble small

  • This does not mean you must isolate yourself, but rather to engage responsibly while in a public and limit direct exposure to only those whom you are more intimately familiar or routinely acquainted.  

3)      Encourage social distancing

  • Hosting your gathering outdoors when possible is the best practice. If this is not feasible, ensure the room or space used is well-ventilated (for example, open a window) and limit attendance to allow safe distancing.


4)      Consider your audience

  • Different nations may encourage different practices to enhance COVID safety. If you plan to host foreign nationals at your gathering, it is advisable to adhere to the most restrictive interpretation of COVID mitigation measures from all countries represented.


5)      Wear a mask

  • When social distancing is not feasible, or when the activity is in an enclosed space, wear a mask. A best practice for event hosts is to maintain extra masks on hand for individuals who may need them. 

6)      Plan your meals

  • Commercially-packaged goods are the safest options for gatherings that include food or drink consumption.
  • When pre-packaged food or drinks are not feasible, encourage guests to bring their own food or drinks. 
  • If food is to be served, do so by designating a person/s, equipped with a mask, so that multiple people are not handling the serving utensils. Do not allow self-service “buffet style” food or drink service.
  • Use single-use condiments, hand towels, and touch-free trash cans to minimize exposure from touched surfaces.
  • Pre-arrange tables and chairs to allow for social distancing.  People from the same household may sit together, but individuals from other households should sit 6 feet away. Consider drafting a seating plan to avoid confusion.
  • Fundraising events still require completion of the pre-COVID fundraiser approval process.

7)      Select your space

  • When reserving base resources, the gathering size for small pavilions and for large gazeebos like those at Carney Park should be limited to 20 and 50 attendees, respectively.  If your event is expected to exceed that capacity, consider renting more than one facility and encourage guests to distance.  

8)      Keep it clean

  • Use gloves when removing garbage bags or handling and disposing of trash. Wash hands after removing gloves.
  • Clean high-touch surfaces and objects regularly.
  • Clean surfaces using a product suitable for each surface, following instructions on the product label.
  • Installation resources must be returned in a clean and sanitary state.

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