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Emergency Management


Disaster Threats in Naples

Here in Naples, the threat of natural disasters, while unlikely, does exist.  Mount Vesuvius is the most active volcano in mainland Europe and it has erupted more than 50 times since the time of the Romans. Mount Vesuvius is most noted for its eruption in 79 A.D. in which Pompeii was buried under 20 feet of ash and pebbles and Herculaneum was buried under 60 feet of volcanic debris. The volcano last erupted in 1944 and volcanologists report that Vesuvius is in a fifty-year cycle between eruptions. Indications that another eruption will occur however do not exist at this time.

Aside from Mount Vesuvius,  Naples is also potentially subject to earthquakes caused by faults in the nearby 
Apennine mountain range.

Pozzuoli experiences Bradyseismic effect or the rising and lowering of the earth’s crust due to pressure caused by the magma beneath the earth.  In the 70’s, the earths crust rose 5.5 feet in 3 years and a decade later, the area experienced an earthquake leaving numerous people dead and hundreds of thousands homeless.

Solfatara, also located in Pozzuoli, is an ancient yet active volcano.  The islands of Ischia and Procida, located in the Bay of Naples, are famous as resorts or tourist attractions because of its hot baths.  These baths are heated by an active volcano.  Campi Flegrei or the "Fields of Fire" is a huge volcanic caldera occupying an area from western Naples to the Tyrrhennian Sea.  During rainy season, Naples experiences heavy thunderstorms with the associated lightning, flash flooding and mudslides.

Local authorities monitor these sites closely and provide us with up to date information about threat levels. We use this information to keep our personnel informed.

The Role of the EMO

The Emergency Management Office is tasked to aid American military personnel and civilians in getting equipped and prepared for any type of disaster or emergency. We also notify personnel if indications exist of possible emergency situations.

Our program, the mandatory chemical, biological and radio-logical (CBR) defense course, has been expanded to include the preparedness training for natural disasters.  Civilians and family members are encouraged to join the training.  We also provide training and information to tenant commands, government parco coordinators and other groups. It is our goal to provide everyone in the Naples area with the infomation they need to cope with any type of disaster.

This Web site contains information on preparedness.  Information and materials of the EMO Web site is courtesy of Federal Emergency Management Agency or FEMA.

For more information on disaster preparedness, please contact the EMO Staff.

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