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Prior Permission Required


U.S. Military Aircraft


Due to limited parking space, a PPR is required for all U.S. aircraft requesting parking and/or transient services on the U.S. Navy ramp (MA2). A PPR request must be submitted 48 hours in advance. C-130 aircraft and larger must submit their request four days in advance. Request may be made through U.S. Base Operations at:


DSN: 314-626-5235/5223


Commercial: 39-081-568-5235/5223


Fax: 39-081-568-5479





Foreign Military Aircraft


All foreign military aircraft intending to land at Naples/Capodichino (LIRN) Airport are required to submit


a written PPR request to Italian Air Force - Comando Aeroporto Capodichino, Base Operations Center (BOC) utilizing PPR Form (request to, 48 hours in advance, in order to obtain the authorization to land at LIRN and be assigned a PPR number.


As per local MOU, all NATO and non-U.S. aircraft, in particular DV flights, entering Italy shall be parked on Italian Air Force ramp (MA1).


Aircraft may be parked on the U.S. Navy ramp (MA2) in the following instances (to be coordinated with Italian Base OPS):


  • By specific operational/logistical requirements of the originator (except DVs).

  • For those aircraft that required loading/unloading of cargo and therefore, palletizing.

  • By specific request of the U.S. Base Ops.

  • Upon Italian Base Ops specific request.



Aircraft may be assisted by NAVSUPPACT Naples by using the following procedures: Upon receipt of the request, Italian Base Ops will verify the diplomatic clearance and if that is correct, and the assistance of the U.S. Navy is required or deemed necessary, the availability of the NAVSUPPACT Naples will be ascertained via U.S. Base Operations. If approved, Italian Base Ops will issue a PPR number with clearance to the U.S. Navy ramp (MA2).


To grant assistance U.S. Base Operations may issue a U.S. Parking Ramp Number or PAX/CARGO authorization.

All foreign aircraft remaining overnight shall park on the Italian Air Force ramp (MA1).


If cleared to land and park on a military ramp, Italian Base Ops will forward to the originator a message or fax which will include the Italian PPR as well as Parking Ramp Number (MA1 or MA2).


The U.S. Parking Ramp Number or the PAX/CARGO authorization does not constitute authorization to land/park, but will only ensure assistance provided by the U.S. Navy.


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