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Shore Patrol

NAVSUPPACT security phone: DSN: 314-626-5638, Comm.: 081-568-5638, Email:

Shore Patrol Requirement:

Visiting units will provide shore patrol in accordance with the following general requirements:

  1. Three patrolmen per 100 individual personnel (or fractions thereof) in the liberty party.
  2. One CPO per 10 shore patrolmen.
  3. One Officer per 25 patrolmen.
  4. Battle Group and Amphibious task forces visiting Italy will have a designated Senior Patrol Officer.
  5. Additional shore patrol will be assigned for all ship functions i.e. parties and sporting events.
  6. Senior Shore Patrol will designate muster location and times.

Routine Shore Patrol Post:

  1. Flight Deck Club at NAVSUPPACT Naples.
  2. Bus stops at NAVSUPPACT Naples.
  3. Roving patrol in downtown Naples and NAVSUPPACT Naples.
  4. Carney Park recreation area (as required).
  5. Port area within the vicinity of U.S. Navy Ships.
  6. Bus monitors are required on all shuttle buses.
  7. A beach guard is required 24 hours a day.

Note: These Posts are modified as required.

Jurisdiction: over military personnel only. Italian police/security have primary jurisdiction when offenses are committed against Italian nationals/property. Italian police have jurisdiction on all off-base drug offenses.

Liberty restrictions/off-limits areas off base: They are north of Via Toledo (Via Roma).

Drugs: hashish, marijuana, cocaine, LSD, barbiturates, and amphetamines are readily available. Italian law is very strict and penalties are severe.

Taxis: Taxis have meters. Insure to negotiate fare before entering the Taxi. Fare is for all occupants per trip and should not be charged for each individual. Ask the driver how much it costs before you get in.


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