(Office code: SU) Phones: DSN: 314-626-5424, Coml.: 011-39-081-568-5424.
Hours: 0800-1630 Monday through Friday. For after hours call DSN: 314-626-5427, Coml.: 39-081-568-5427.


Submit all dairy orders by priority message action HQ DPSCE MAINZ-FINTHEN GE//DPSCE-HLR//. Refer to CSF6ISNT 4000.1 series for format, lead times, and minimum orders. Procurement of ice cream and yogurt products are possible with sufficient advance notice. Fruits, vegetables, eggs and bread products of excellent quality are available from local contractors. Provide earliest notice possible when requesting FFV and bread in Para HOTEL of LOGREQ. For urgent requirements, and, if ship has seven days of lead time before in port, transmit provisions request to DPSCE, INFO SOPA ADMIN NAPLES IT.

Local Procurement

A wide range of items are available on the local economy. Prices are higher than in CONUS for similar items. Procurement is improved for certain items when a sample is provided. For further info please contact your corresponding Husbanding Contractor.


DRMO processing site is in Livorno, Italy with a local rep in Naples to assist with your excess material turn ins. For more info

Accounting Data

All requests for supplies and services (in LOGREQ or SEPCOR) should include MILSTRIP and/or full accounting data. This is especially important for cellular phones and commercial vehicles which must be ordered in advance to ensure delivery on arrival.


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