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Area Orientation

Brand new to NSA Naples?

If you arrive on the Rotator Flight you will receive a mandatory Driving in Italy brief on Day 3 of Indoctrination. This briefing is required training prior to testing for your NATO/SOFA Italian Drivers License (A MUST TO DRIVE A VEHICLE REGISTERED WITH THE BASE). To receive the NATO/SOFA Italian Drivers License you must be on orders, 18 years of age or older, have a valid drivers license from the United States or Other country and successful pass the Motor Vehicle Registration Office Licensing Exam. 
If you do not arrive on the Rotator Flight you must contact the Base Safety Office or the Indoctrination Office to obtain the time and date of the next available training.

Exchange of Information for Traffic Accidents:

By Italian Law, should you have a Traffic Incident, no matter how minor, you are required to exchange insurance information with the other vehicle operator. Base police nor Base ambulance can be dispatched off base to an incident unless requested by the local police. In almost all cases of injuries you will have local police and ambulance arrive at the scene, you can call the Non-Emergency Dispatch number on the Naples Area Contact Card to get in touch with the Base Italian Investigator (India 7). India 7 is on call 24/7 and they speak Italian and English, if they are able, they may respond to the scene to assist. At a minimum they will translate over the phone for you and inform you and the other operator of the required actions. If you need to report to a Police Station off the installation the India 7 will coordinate that appointment and accompany you to the Police Station.

Traffic Safety Facts

  1. One of the biggest causes of injury to Americans here in Naples
  2. The majority of accidents occurs within the first 60 days of living in Naples

New Drivers

  1. Stay in right lane at first, don’t try to hang with the fast drivers
  2. Wear your seat belts, it’s mandatory and will save your life
  3. Put your kids in the child restraint seats, it’s also mandatory

Naples Roads & Freeways

  1. Daylight driving requires lights to be on Autostrada & Tangenziale
  2. Three different stazione chutes: Pay Cash (90 Euro Cents) / ViaCard (Insert Card in Slot, Read, Return) /Telepass (Reads Receiver Inside Windshield - No Delay, Drive Straight Thru)
  3. When it rains or fogs, Italians slow way down – they have the experience
  4. Some older streets are marble based – slick as glass – slow down!
  5. Engineering different from US, curves may not be banked.

Italian Government Serious About DUI

  • BAC limit .05 - For 21 years old and younger BAC limit is .00!
  • The 0.00 limit also applies when you have a driver license from less than 3 years regardless of the age


  1. Report them
  2. If need go to Clinic/Emergency Room

Personal Safety

  1. Keep your valuables out of sight
  2. Don't flash your money
  3. Be aware of Pickpockets
  4. Travel w/buddy

What to Do

  1. Information Sheet
  2. Disposable Camera
  3. Call 081-568-4911

The American Automobile Association's AAA Driver Improvement class is required for all military drivers 26 and under

Motorcycle Safety Course

To Register
You may register your Motorcycle but CMVRO will not issue you license plates unless you have:

  1. A valid Stateside License with a motorcycle endorsement
  2. Motorcycle Safety Foundation or State Program Completion Card
  3. Translation License must be stamped Motorcycle Authorized

The motorcycle will remain impounded until these requirements are met

Recreational and Home Safety

Comprises a large percentage of the total accidents to NSA Personnel

Sports Injuries

Military Injuries Required to report 24/7
Everyone susceptible – Civilian and Military
Gym and Playing Field Sports
Winter Sports, Snow Related – very high rates lately



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