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About Your PCS

TOUR OF DUTY is 24 months for civilian personnel, subject to extension by the Command.  Concurrent travel of dependents is authorized for CONUS hires.  It is DoD policy that employees serve a maximum of five years overseas.  If you are currently a permanent Navy employee, you have return rights to your stateside activity.  If you are promoted while overseas, you may register in the Priority Placement Program at the higher grade than your return rights.

The NATO Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) between Greece and the United States prohibits the hiring of any person who holds Greek citizenship and is considered a Dual National by the Greek Government into any U.S. position, Appropriated Fund or Non-Appropriated Fund.  Those U.S. citizens who are considered ordinarily resident” in Greece are also ineligible for employment by U.S. commands and activities in Greece.

The “official” passport establishes the employee as a member of the U.S. Forces serving under the NATO SOFA. This designation entitles the employee to many exemptions to local country taxes, and provides other benefits.  A VISA is not required for civilian personnel on official government orders assigned to work at this overseas location.

You are eligible to ship up to 18,000 lbs. of household goods.  However, you are advised to limit the amount of household items you plan to ship, as there is no storage facility.  Sizes of rental properties are smaller than U.S. standards, so it is best to leave big, bulky furniture (e.g., king sized and water beds) in non-temporary storage.  You should ship your household goods as early as possible due to the long transit time.  You are provided loaner furniture while household goods are in transit, usually for a period no longer than 90 days.  Loaner furniture is not intended for long-term use.  No firearms can be shipped into Greece.  This includes rifles, shot guns, pistols, handguns and automatic weapons. Contact your personal property office for details on shipping.  The Greek Government is very strict on the importation and exportation of “controlled items.”  Controlled items include, but are not limited to, all electrical items, cameras, bicycles, and furniture.  There is a customs control office on base that keeps a list of all the imported or locally purchased controlled items, and requires proof of exportation of these items prior to your departure from Greece.

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