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NSA Souda Bay Logo

NSA Souda Bay Logo


The U.S. Naval Support Activity, Souda Bay emblem in keeping with the proper tradition for military unit insignia, uses colors and characters that provide a symbolic, rather than pictorial, representation of key aspects of the unit’s mission, location, and unique features.

The sword at the center of the emblem represents the military nature of the organization and those embodied traditions and missions.

The two Dorian columns on either side of the sword symbolize the support mission of the unit. These Dorian columns, created in ancient Greece, are renowned the world over for their enduring strength and simplicity of style in supporting the magnificent structures of that time.

Below the two columns, the ancient Greek key symbol for the sea represents the unit’s support mission to the U.S. SIXTH Fleet whose ships and sailors visit Souda Bay more regularly now than at any period in history.

Above the columns from left to right, flies a mythological bird, which represents the unit’s support for the now daily airborne operations of both the U.S. SIXTH Fleet and the U.S. Air Force.

Atop the two columns are two flags, joined with angular symmetry and bordered in gold. These flags represent the flags of the United States of America and the Hellenic Republic, separate, but joined in symbolic unity to represent the tremendous spirit of cooperation embodied at Souda Bay. The gold border symbolizes the great value and importance of that relationship.

The field of royal blue, providing a unifying background for the entire emblem, and the pure white border, are the colors of the Hellenic Republic flag, the host nation on whose sovereign land we are privileged to be. The royal blue color also symbolizes the combination of beautiful skies and clear Aegean waters of the Island of Crete where Souda Bay is located.

The royal red boundary surrounding the emblem represents the unit of command and the importance of its forward presence among a community of allies.

The Greek phrase etched in royal purple across the top of the emblem and positioned at the pointed end of the sword embodies the essence of the organization. The phrase in English translates to "Team Souda". This motto captures the spirit of Souda Bay where a small number of people and tenant organizations work so closely together with such a team spirit that their efforts are magnified to produce results far beyond expectation. The purple color for the phrase symbolizes the joint military operations by the Hellenic Navy, Hellenic Air Force, and Hellenic Army. The phrase "Team Souda" resting at the "pointy end of the sword" symbolizes the key forward location of Souda Bay sitting astride every modern threat axis to the United States’ national interests in the Eastern Mediterranean and Persian Gulf regions.

This emblem was designed by U.S. Navy personnel of the Naval Support Activity and Hellenic Air Force personnel of the 115th Combat Wing. An artist was consulted to ensure consistency of design. While this emblem is simple in its design and presentation, its symbolism represents far more than meets the eye; an apt representation for the strategic importance of this small, but operationally oriented and vitally important Naval Facility.


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