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Housing Services

House hunting trips:

These provide the opportunity to see available private rentals on the economy. All listings of available rentals are inspected for suitability and must meet minimum standards for safety and security before a contract may be negotiated through the Housing Department. Generally, you can expect to have a lease contract and a move in appointment within 30 days. It is very important that you communicate with your sponsor as quickly as possible upon receipt of orders. Your sponsor must know if you will be accompanied or unaccompanied, the size of your family, if you are bringing pets, etc. Answers to these questions will help him/her make appropriate advance reservations for accommodation. Following your indoctrination class, you will begin an aggressive search for permanent housing. Generally, you should have a lease contract and a move in appointment set within 30 days. Then arrange utilities, loaner furniture and household goods deliveries and expect to move-in within 3 to 5 days of signing the lease.

Lease Negotiation:

When you obtain your lease through the Housing Department, trained staff that have listings of pre-negotiated properties based on fair rental price, verify the presence of the Military Clause, and ensure compliance with Greek law. Rents are paid in Euro and range from €500 to €1500 per month. Because rents are established in Euro, the equivalency in U.S. currency will fluctuate with the exchange rate. You will need first month’s rent and the equivalent amount of rent as security deposit upon signing of your lease agreement with the landlord.

Translation Services:

Assistance throughout the duration of your tour with all aspects of the unit you occupy, including maintenance service scheduling, utility billing discrepancies, clerical assistance, lease amendments, legal advice and termination services.

Mediation of landlord-tenant disputes

Assistance in arranging for utility contracts (including electricity and telephone) and ongoing liaison with utility companies throughout your tour.

Temporary Loaner Furniture:

Is available for DoD unaccompanied, accompanied and civilian personnel and may be kept for up to 90 days while awaiting your personal household goods shipment. It is important that you utilize your unaccompanied baggage shipment to ensure timely arrival of items such as cooking and eating utensils, sheets, blankets , etc. Please note: Greek beds are sized differently than U.S. beds, therefore, flat sheets are preferable to fitted for use on your temporary bed until your own bed arrives.

Full Tour Loaner Furnishings:

These items are supplemental furnishings for unaccompanied military personnel for items not included in their household goods shipment and will be loaned to you for the duration of your tour if you have a signed housing lease that was negotiated through the housing office. The following items are available: beds, nightstands, dressers, sofa, armchairs, end tables, lamps, coffee table, dining table and dining chairs, stove, refrigerator, washing machine, dryer, transformers, smoke and carbon monoxide detector, Civilians and accompanied personnel are eligible for appliances only during their tour. AFN decoder (depending upon availability), microwave. More detailed information in the Loaner Furnishings section.


Contractor support is limited to translation assistance and explanation of host-country rental laws and utility and telephone services.


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