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Temporary Lodging


Permanent Party Military Personnel (MILPERS)

Bachelor Housing (BH) permanent party accommodations are mandatory for unaccompanied E4 and below. E4 and below personnel will be assigned a permanent party room immediately upon arrival. E4 and below personnel should limit their shipment of Household Goods to NSA Souda Bay.

E5 and above MILPERS live on the economy during their tour. Upon arrival, if there is space available, they will reside temporarily in the Navy Gateway Inns and Suites while aggressively seeking housing on the economy. Reservations for the NGIS should be made in advance by calling DSN (314) 266-1601/02, or commercial 011-30-282-102-1601/02 or faxing your request to DSN (314) 266-1193 or commercial 011-30-282-102- 1193. Oftentimes, your sponsor will make these reservations for you. If there is not a room available in the NGIS, you will be provided a Certificate of Non-Availability (CNA) allowing authorization to make alternative reservations in an approved local temporary lodging facility.
The NSA Souda Bay NGIS does not accept pets and bringing pet(s) does not automatically entitle MILPERS to seek accommodations at a hotel on the economy. Reservations at a local temporary lodging facility cannot be made without prior approval from the BH Manager or Housing Director.
Please note: a Certificate of Non-Availability (CNA) will be required prior to reservations being made at alternate hotels on the economy. Failure to abide by the reservations and/or lodging procedures can result in the non-payment or reduced payment of temporary lodging allowance (TLA).

DOD Civilian Personnel (CIVPERS)

Housing personnel will assist you with locating a home in the local community. CIVPERS are authorized up to 90 days of temporary quarters substance allowance (TQSA). It is very important that you communicate with your sponsor as quickly as possible upon receipt of orders. Your sponsor must know if you will be accompanied or unaccompanied, the size of your family, if you are bringing pets, etc. Answers to these questions will help him/her make appropriate advance reservations for accommodation.
Following your indoctrination class, you will begin an aggressive search for permanent housing. Generally, you should have a lease contract and a move in appointment set by Day 30-45. Then arrange utilities, loaner furniture and household goods deliveries and expect to move-in within 3 to 5 days of signing the lease.
Hotel accommodations can be made at either the NGIS or a hotel on the economy. While in a transient status, keep your receipts for hotel bills, meal receipts, dry cleaning, and other expenses. These receipts will be required when you file your reimbursement documentation. Taxi fares to and from the hotel and work and auto rentals are not reimbursable. Process in with the Human Resource Office (HRO), immediately upon arrival, to be briefed on living quarter's allowance (LQA) and TQSA entitlements.


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