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Sexual Assault Prevention and Response

Sexual Assault Prevention and Response

Sexual Assault Prevention and Response.   Anyone who has been a victim of sexual assault is entitled to counseling, health care, and a victim advocate. Call 24/7 victim advocate phone number before talking to anyone else. The SARC at NSA Souda Bay can be reached at 694-043-1129, and a Victim Advocate is also available 24 hours a day at 694-043-1130 or toll free DSN: 94 + 877-995-5247.

There are two types of reporting options: Restricted and Unrestricted.

With unrestricted reporting, the assault must be reported to the command and to NCIS/law enforcement for investigation.   Sexual assault is a crime, and unrestricted reporting of an assault will lead to a criminal investigation and possible prosecution. Victims have the right to participate fully or minimally in the investigative process, and will be informed of additional rights provided under the Victim Witness Assistance Program. With restricted reporting, no investigation is conducted as NCIS/law enforcement isn’t made aware of the crime.

SAPR Victim Advocates (VAs), Sexual Assault Response Coordinators (SARCs) and health care providers (including FFSC counselors) are available to provide more detailed information on the victim’s legal rights regarding reporting options. Victims may forfeit their rights to use restricted reporting by talking to someone other than those designated.

Restricted reporting gives a victim time and opportunity to get information and professional advice about their rights and available services, so they can make informed decisions. Victims still obtain healthcare, counseling, and victim advocacy services but command, since they are unaware, is unable to impose safety measures. Often victims initially choose the restricted reporting option and later decide that they want the chain of command notified so that the offender can be held accountable. The victim can elect to change a restricted report to an unrestricted report. But an unrestricted report cannot be later changed to a restricted report. The option to make a restricted report is available to active duty service members and their spouses.


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