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Per Campania Ordinance 82, starting Oct. 23, 2020, to reduce the risk of contagion, Campania citizens are prohibited from transiting from the province in which they live to other Campania provinces, unless the transit is necessary for: health, work, school, training, social care, or family reasons, or other urgent needs. 

Campania Self-Declaration Form: Click Here

Campania Example Self-Declaration Form: Click Here


Per the latest Lazio Ordinance, self-declaration forms will be required for all travel during curfew hours, including to and from Campania, from 23 October 2020 to 22 November 2020.

Lazio Self-Declaration Form: Click Here

Current Leave & Liberty Map: Click Here

*The Leave and Liberty Map will show some changes due to a revision to the COVID-19 assessment metrics that are used. This change increases our ability to be more reactive to our environment, allowing us to be quicker in putting measures in place.

Need an ETP Form? Click Here

Check for Restrictions on planned travel: Click Here

Questions about Africa? Click Here for the Foreign Clearance Guide.

Returning from Travel? Click Here

BEFORE YOU TRAVEL: ****If you travel outside your local area, be sure to take (where applicable) a copy of your valid orders, proof of European residency, visas, passport, gov’t issued I.D., Soggiorno, etc.****

13 October 2020: CNE-CNA/C6F OP ORD MOD 03, providing updated guidance to commanders regarding travel, ROM, leave & liberty during COVID-19 can be found here.

Personal Responsibility  - New Normal
When In ROM


Q: What is “ROM?”

A: ROM is short for RESTRICTION OF MOVEMENT. For COVID-19. It is a 14-day period similar to a quarantine, which ensures safe integration of personnel to a new area to guard against transmission to others.

Q: How do I ROM?

A: Stay where you can remain separate from others. You may be assigned quarters or, if at home with your family, isolate yourself from them unless they are in ROM, as well. DO NOT share meals, utensils, surfaces, and avoid pets.

No visitors are permitted in your quarters, including cleaning people. At the end of ROM you will be contacted by medical to check your status. If you have been and remain without symptoms, medical will inform your chain of command who will release you from ROM status.

Q: Where can/can’t I go during ROM?

A: Personnel in ROM are prohibited from accessing any messing facilities, stores, fitness centers or other widely used support services, including the Navy Exchange (NEX), Commissary, Mini Marts, food courts, grocery stores, etc.

If absolutely necessary, you may use a laundry facility in the vicinity of your ROM location while wearing a cloth face covering at ALL times.

Q: How do I get food and necessities during ROM?

A: Your command is responsible for supporting you during your ROM. Arrange with your command to designate someone to bring you groceries or meals, if delivery is not an option.

Q: I’m in ROM status with my dog. Can I still walk it daily?

A: Pet owners may take their pet outside for relief, but must stay in the immediate vicinity of their residence, maintain social distancing, wear a cloth face covering at all times, and avoid other animals.

Q: Does my family/guest have to ROM for 14 days when they arrive?

A: If a family member or guest is arriving from outside the AOR, or from a RED location, they shall ROM for 14 days. They should have a separate bathroom and bedroom, if possible.

Enhanced cleaning of the household should also be done to reduce any spread of COVID-19. If a guest becomes ill, you should inform medical, and your chain of command, as you may be required to ROM if your family member or guest is sick.

Q: Can I still exercise outdoors while in ROM?

A: Asymptomatic persons (showing no signs of illness) in ROM may exercise outdoors provided they maintain a minimum of 20 feet from all persons during aerobic exercise and avoid common use of outdoor equipment such as pull up bars, etc.

Q: How do I know if I have to ROM?

A: Prior to reporting to work, please check with your chain of command who will need to consult medical and evaluate the risk.

You may have to ROM if you:

  • Arrive from outside the AOR
  • Travel to, through, or from a RED location
  • Use a high-risk mode of transportation likely to expose you to COVID-19
  • The host nation requires it after travel
  • Installation CO requires it
  • Your CO requires it
  • You are in close contact with someone who has a positive COVID-19 test

Q: Who do I ask about ROM requirements?

A: Your command is in charge of your ROM requirements as well as enforcing it and supporting you during your ROM. If PCSing, your ROM requirement should be coordinated between your losing and gaining commands.

The time period for ROM should be built into your orders. You may be required to ROM when you arrive at your duty station and/or when you return to a prior duty station.

Q: If I need an exception to policy for ROM or travel, who do I ask?

A: Exceptions to policy (ETP) for official or leave/liberty travel must be addressed with your chain of command. Before submitting an ETP request, personnel should review the U.S. Naval Forces Europe/Africa Travel & Liberty Map and the Department of the Navy COVID-19 Travel Tracker for the latest status of states, countries, territories, regions, and installations.

Q: But I ROMed before traveling, do I still have to ROM again?

A: It depends. 

Bubble to Bubble transport: You may not have to ROM again if:

  •  You conducted a supervised Pre-ROM,
  • The host nation does not require in-country ROM,
  • The installation does not require in-country ROM,
  • Your CO does not require in-country ROM, and
  • You used clean transport where everyone using the mode of transport has also ROM'ed and worn cloth face covering the entire trip.
  • NOTE: If there is a subsequent report of positive COVID-19 case from those with whom you were in close contact during travel, then you will have to ROM. 
  • Use of cloth face coverings are not protective enough to eliminate this for close contact to a positive COVID 19 case.
  • If the above does not apply, then you should plan to ROM upon arrival.

Q: If I use MILAIR or the Patriot express, is that considered clean transport?

A: A clean flight is a flight when everyone on board has Pre-ROMed immediately prior to getting on the flight and worn their cloth face covering during transport for the entire trip. Patriot express may not require all persons to ROM immediately prior to boarding.

Q: If I’m traveling OCONUS to CONUS, do I still have to ROM even if I’m travelling from one “Green” area to another?

A: The only travel scenarios that will avoid your need to ROM would be traveling from a GREEN area, via GREEN transport, transiting through only GREEN areas to a GREEN final destination. 

Your chain of command must consult applicable USNORTHCOM and USNAVNORTH guidance before authorizing travel to the United States, as there may be additional ROM requirements imposed by those orders, which we must follow.




Commanding officers shall issue written notification to individuals who have been recommended for Restriction of Movement (ROM) by their supporting Medical Treatment Facility (MTF). A template for the ROM notification letter can be downloaded here.

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