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Welcome to NAVSTA Rota Public Affairs - the absolute best place to work as a Public Affairs Professional in the Navy!

We oversee the dissemination of command information through a variety of mediums, coordinate community relations projects, facilitate base tours and manage media interest.  The Public Affairs' staff includes one Navy Public Affairs Officer, two Mass Communications Specialists, a civilian editor and a local national community relations specialist.

Our official Public Affairs mediums include:

  1. Base Newspaper, The Coastline
  2. Command Facebook Page
  3. Twitter Account
  4. CNIC Official Website
  5. Base Electronic Marquee
  6. All-hands Email
  7. Emergency Public Information via AFN TV & Radio
  8. Quarterly Town Hall Meetings
  9. NAVSTA Welcome Aboard Package

Additionally, the community relations (COMREL) program at NAVSTA is one of the most active in the Europe region and plays a key role in maintaining close ties with NAVSTA’s host nation and its citizens. COMREL events typically include command involvement in local festivals, donation programs, ceremonies and cultural events, as well as an ongoing base tour program which hosts local schools and universities.  

Contact Info
Public Affairs Office
DSN: 314-727-3786
Comm: +34-956-82-3786

Community Relations Specialist
DSN: 314-727-3786
Comm: +34-956-82-3786

If you have comments or suggestions for our office, please email us at coastline@eu.navy.mil.   

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