Religious Ministries


The Religious Ministries Department of NSA Naples can be reached at 314-629-4600 (081-811-4600) for Support Site or 314-626-3539 (081-568-3539) for Capodichino.

Our Mission:

Chaplains and Religious Program Specialists deliver institutional care, counsel, and coaching including non faith specific counsel by Chaplains which is immediate, confidential, and imbued with professional wisdom and a fundamental respect for human beings.

Chaplains and Religious Program Specialists manage and execute Command Religious Programs that accommodate our Nation's diverse religious requirements.

Chaplains meet faith-specific needs, including worship services, religious/pastoral counsel, scripture study, and religious education.

Chaplains advise Commanding Officers on issues relating to morals, ethics, spiritual well-being, morale, and advise on the impact of religion on operations, while training and educating leaders at all levels in moral decision-making, cultural awareness, and cross-cultural communications.

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