New IT User Training

Aloha and welcome to Commander Navy Region Hawaii and Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam!  The following process has been set up to assist personnel in obtaining access to Navy Information systems such as the Navy/Marine Corps Intranet (NMCI) within Navy Region Hawaii:  (Revised: 11/15/16)

Step 1: Supervisor/Sponsor (Start SAAR-N process)

  • Complete Sections I and II of the OPNAV 5239/14 SAAR-N form. Click link below:

(Complete the digital signature block last)

Instructions for completing the preliminary section:

  • DATE - Enter date you are completing form
  • SYSTEM NAME - Enter "NMCI"
  • LOCATION - "Navy Region Hawaii and Supported Commands"

Forward to Personnel Security Manager via digitally signed/encrypted email
Contact Personnel Security Manager to provide user’s SSN


Step 2:  Personnel Security Manager

  • Complete Section III (complete the digital signature block last)
  • Return to Supervisor/sponsor via digitally signed/encrypted email*
  • *Any clearance/background investigation problems must be resolved prior to submitting an account request

Step 3: Supervisor/Sponsor (Complete SAAR-N process and Initiate Account Request Process)

  • Perform final review of the SAAR-N form for accuracy and completeness.  Incomplete SAAR-Ns will be returned to the Supervisor/Sponsor and will delay the account creation process.
  • Forward form to N64 via digitally signed/encrypted email to CNI PRLH SAAR-N.

Submit NMCI account request. Click link below:

  • Submit request to the IT Service Request tool on G2.

Step 4: NMCI Contract Technical Representative (N65)

  • Review N65 Account Request submitted by Supervisor/Sponsor; return if incomplete.
  • Submit account requests to NMCI.
  • Supervisor/Sponsor, included in the email notifications for the account creation request, will inform new user to contact NMCI Service Desk (1-866-843-6624) to activate account.
  • Supervisor/Sponsor can review status of their request via the IT Service Request tool on G2.


Step 5: New User (complete within five working days of account creation)

Other Information:

  • Please allow 5-7 working days for account creation.
  • Status of account requests can be viewed by the submitter via the IT Service Request tool on G2.
  • Users account will be deactivated if Step 5 not completed within 5 working days

Questions? Contact N65 Contract Technical Representative via Email.

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