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Commander, Navy Region Hawaii is tasked to support our Navy’s ships, submarines and aircraft as well as the Sailors who operate them and their families.

This support involves port and housekeeping services for the 29 surface ships and submarines homeported at Naval Station Pearl Harbor, as well as 36 operational aircraft stationed at Marine Corps Base Hawaii, Kaneohe.

Navy Region Hawaii oversees the U.S. Navy’s largest and most strategic island base in the Pacific. The Navy region extends over 23,000 acres of land and water on Oahu and Kauai and serves as the host for the headquarters of seven major Navy commands, including the Commander, U.S. Pacific Fleet. Commander Navy.

Ships, Submarines & Aircraft

This page contains links to and information about the surface ships, submarines and aircraft squadrons homeported in Hawaii.

Commander, Naval Surface Group Middle Pacific



Commander, Submarine Force, U.S. Pacific Fleet

Commander, Submarine Squadron 1 (COMSUBRON One)

 Commander, Submarine Squadron 7 (COMSUBRON Seven)


Commander, Patrol and Reconnaissance Wing Two

Commander, Naval Surface Group, Middle Pacific

Commander Naval Surface Group Middle Pacific is a U.S. Navy command responsible for maintenance and training of the surface ships homeported in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.
Commander Naval Surface Group Middle Pacific is subordinate to Commander Naval Surface Force Pacific located in San Diego, California, for administrative matters, and Commander Third Fleet for operational matters. Its mission is to prepare these ships for forward deployed fleet operations. Commander Naval Surface Group Middle Pacific also provides administrative support to the family members of our sailors.

The COMNAVSURFGRU MIDPAC Staff commands assigned surface combatant, auxiliary, fleet support, and special warfare forces; exercises operational control of forces not assigned to other commanders; and maintains all ships, special forces, and staffs of the Group in an optimum state of training, readiness, discipline, and morale in order to maintain their maximum readiness for sustained combat operations at sea.

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