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Nimitz Visitor Control Ctr. / Pass & ID

Nimitz Visitor Control Ctr. / Pass & ID

1250 South Drive, Honolulu, HI 96818
Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, Hawaii
(Adjacent to Nimitz Gate, Building 3455)
Phone: (808) 449-0865/0867

Base Access

The requirement for UNESCORTED base access for all non-DOD affiliated workers/guests is to complete and submit SECNAV Form 5512/1 and JB2 0-180 via their sponsor. This policy is effective for all events, to include one-time events such as weddings, retirement ceremonies, PAO functions, changes of command, special events, job applicants, and for vendors/service providers not enrolled in the Defense Biometric Identification System (DBIDS), Transportation Workers Identification Card (TWIC) holders without a Merchant Mariner Credential (MMC), and Civilian Retiree Card Holders prior to PSD re-issuance of expired credentials.

JBPHHINST 5510.1B, JBPHH Base Access Regulation, can be found at here.

Trusted Traveler

Trusted Traveler procedures may be used during FPCONs NORMAL, ALPHA as local security conditions permit. It allows uniformed service members or DoD employees with a valid CAC, retired uniform service members, or adult family members with a valid DoD identification credential to present identification for verification while simultaneously vouching for family or guests that are traveling with the sponsor as vehicle occupants. Trusted Traveler for JBPHH does not automatically transfer to other installations.

The Trusted Traveler program is NOT applicable for those individuals who are requesting access to conduct business as a contractor, volunteer, subcontractor, service provider, vender or supplier.

Trusted Traveler does not apply at the following locations: West Loch NAVMAG, Lualualei NAVMAG, or Red Hill.

Foreign Nationals are NOT authorized to be brought on the installation via Trusted Traveler.

Trusted Traveler guests are considered ESCORTED unless the occupants have a valid credential for entry and must remain with the sponsor at all times until they depart from the base.

The number of personnel a Trusted Traveler is authorized to vouch/sponsor is limited to the number of individuals legally seated in the vehicle in which the Trusted Traveler is located, not to exceed (5) personnel maximum. Trusted Traveler hours may change at the discretion of the Joint Base Commander (JBC) or designee at any time without prior notification.


Call-In Procedures

Call-in procedures may authorize Senior Officers (O-7 and above), Senior Executive Service (SES) positions (Level V and above), and select senior enlisted leaders assigned to living quarters on JBPHH with a completed Sponsorship Entry Access Request Form on file. Contact the JBPHH Joint Defense Operations Center (JDOC), DSN: 449-9072 or COMM: 808-449-9072, for further guidance.

On-Base Houseguests

Houseguest passes for UNESCORTED access is a privilege afforded to privatized and military family housing residents who reside on-base only. 

Houseguest requests of 1-29 days will require:

1. SECNAV 5512/1.

Houseguest requests of 31-180 days will require:

1. JB Form 0-180 with endorsements from the resident’s housing office and Commanding Officer. 
2. SECNAV 5512/1.

Houseguest requests of 181-365 days will require:

1. JB Form 0-180 with endorsements from the resident’s housing office and Commanding Officer. 
2. SECNAV 5512/1.
3. Once turned into Pass and ID, all paperwork will be routed to the Joint Base Commander (JBC) or designee as a Long Term Houseguest Checklist for final approval.

Transportation Services

Transportation Service Companies or rideshare programs, such as UBER, Lyft, Taxi’s and Shuttles, requesting access to JBPHH must have locally issued DBIDS cards.  DBIDS cards will only be issued to companies sponsored by the exchange services.  All vehicles must prominently display the rideshare company’s logo.  Rideshare services such as UBER Eats are NOT AUTHORIZED

News Media Access

Media representatives may be granted access after coordination through the JBPHH Public Affairs Office (PAO) and must be escorted at all times. Contact the PAO at (808) 473-2926 or 473-3788, or the duty cell phone, (808) 371-5189.

Unofficial Foreign Visitor Request

A Foreign National Visitor Request Form is used to request unofficial visits of foreign nationals to JBPHH. The JBC is the approving authority for all visits. Examples include but are not limited to unofficial military office visits and visiting family members to a resident on base.

Collection of Biometrics Data from Foreign Nationals

Effective November 2017, biometrics data will be collected from Foreign Nationals (FN) seeking access to JBPHH. This SOP applies to all military and civilian personnel assigned to the JBPHH Security Department and PMRF. You will need to escort your FN to the Nimitz Visitor Center for enrollment. You will not receive your Foreign National Visitor (FNV) pass without complete enrollment of guest(s). It is suggested that you stop by the visitor center before the start date of your request. We understand some FN’s will be flying in and will not be able to complete same until arrival. The Nimitz Visitor Center is open 24/7 and a clerk will always be able to assist in case your visitor arrives after regular duty hours. Your purpose of visit will be for a biometric enrollment for your FN guest. After enrollment is complete if your request has been approved you will be handed your FNV pass. If your request has not been approved, you will be notified via email as soon as it is returned to this office.

Phone Numbers:

Pass and ID office:
- Issues short/long term visitor passes and DBIDS credentials.
Phone: (808) 449-0865

 - Pass and I.D. is closed for training every Thurday from 1215 - 1330.  

Special Events Section:

Per CNIC 5530.14A CH-2, all special events requests for UNESCORTED access require a signed SECNAV Form 5512/1, Department of the Navy Local Population ID Card/Pass Access Pass Registration, for each person listed on the request form.  The SECNAV 5512/1 is used to collect Personally Identifiable Information and initiate background checks.

- Provides passes for special events in accordance with JBPHH instruction 5510.1B.
Special Events Request Forms: Special Event Visitor List
Phone: (808) 449-0870 (Special Events)
Email: 647SFS.JBPHH.SpecialEvents@us.af.mil

Reports Section:

-- Provides police reports, background checks, weapons registration, Hawaii Armed Services Police (HASP) Reports, Traffic citations/Traffic Court and Traffic Warden Program.

(808) 471-4275/449-0866 (Air Force/Navy Reports)
   *   Reports and Records Section (Air Force & Navy reports):  0630-1400 (M-F*)
(808) 449-0877 (Traffic Division/Weapons Registration/Traffic Warden Program)
   *   Weapons Registration:  0630-1400 (M, T, TH, F*)
   *   Traffic Management:  0630-1400 (M-F*)
   *   Traffic Court (Bldg. 679) Navy College Bldg./USS UTAH Room: 1245 (Wed Only*)
   *   Restricted Area Badges: 0800-1200 (M-F*)

(* denotes except Federal holidays and directed down days)  

Downloadable Forms: (PDF) 

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