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Cultural and Natural Resources


PMRF is a full member of the community of Kauai. While accomplishing our missions, we are sensitive to cultural and environmental concerns, economic impact on tour and fishing operators, and the safety of people on or adjacent to the range. PMRF is actively engaged with the Native Hawaiian community, consulting and communicating with respected Kupuna and other leaders on issues including stewardship, access and education.


  • The Navy involves the public in the environmental planning process through early and open communications.  This provides interested individuals the opportunity to have their concerns considered before decisions are made. Effect of PMRF activities are analyzed in the Hawaii Range Complex Environmental Impact Statement and other documents.
  • Scoping meetings are designed in the open house format to allow attendees to interact informally, one-on-one, with project representatives and ask questions.  Attendees will be encouraged to submit written or oral comments.
  • We have stringent Navy programs for protection of water and air quality, energy conservation, habitat and endangered species protection, cultural resources, and public safety that we adhere to and take pride in.
  • Crews of Navy ships and aircraft operating in Hawaii receive extensive training on marine mammal awareness and utilize approved standard operating procedures and protective measures to minimize potential harm to marine mammals and the environment.
  • The Navy has an impressive track record of demonstrating its dedication to maintaining Hawaii’s natural environment and, when possible, in many cases, improving conditions. For example, to protect lives, birds, and aircraft, PMRF paired 26 albatross chicks in 2006 with surrogate parents at a wildlife refuge. The surrogate program has continued each season since then. Also, a stretch of beach at PMRF where green sea turtles frequently bask in the sun has been cordoned off to avoid disturbing the threatened species.
  • We continually meet the mandates of all applicable environmental laws in conjunction with Navy training requirements. PMRF has been recognized with the Chief of Naval Operation’s Cultural Resource Management Award.

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