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Naval Forces Visits Hawaii

02/02/17 12:00 AM

PEARL HARBOR -- Commander, Naval Surface Forces arrived at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam for the Pacific Fleet Commander's Conference and also took the opportunity to discuss the new Surface Force Strategy (SFS) with Hawaii-based commands, Jan. 31.

On the first day of his three-day visit, Vice Adm. Tom Rowden visited Commander, Navy Region Hawaii; Destroyer Squadron 31; Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyar; and guided-missile destroyer USS Michael Murphy (DDG 112).

He highlighted the tenants of SFS, which emphasize a more flexible surface Navy for the dynamic and ever-changing world by improving the combat capability of surface forces and refocusing on sea control.

Rowden also held an all-hands call with officers and senior enlisted personnel, and the crew of USS William P. Lawrence (DDG 110), at Sharkey Theater where he explained the strategy using both upcoming and historical naval events, and defined key objectives to help sustain a powerful Navy for tomorrow.

In a statement on the Navy Live blog, Rowden said, "The objective of the Surface Force Strategy is to achieve and sustain sea control at the time and place of our choosing in order to protect the homeland from afar, build and maintain global security, and project the national power of the United States.

He also emphasized the strategy needed to be perpetual, allowing it maintain relevancy through the passing of time.

"There is no timeline for the strategy," said Rowden. "No matter what the situation is, whether it has slowed down or stalled, it will always be there. If you ever are wondering what is in my head or leadership's head, pick up and read the Surface Forces Strategy."

He also said the SFS is the framework which enables the surface force to adapt to the challenges of a changing security environment by thinking differently about how the Navy organizes, prepares, and sustains surface forces. He said it emphasizes a persistent forward presence backed by credible combat capability can prevent aggression and limit regional crises from escalating to full-scale war.

"The Surface Force Strategy serves as our call to action to build, organize, train, and equip surface forces that can fight and win today, tomorrow, and beyond," said Rowden.

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