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JBPHH COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions

MWR & Youth Programs

Q: How will the School Age Care (SAC) program support the modified school learning model for children and families during the pandemic?

A: The SAC program is developing plans to meet both your child care needs and the educational support of your children. As our school system develops their final plans for the year, we will modify our SAC program to provide support for the children enrolled, and who may be required to complete virtual or remote learning during their time in our care. We will structure our program day to include a classroom environment for children to complete school assignments and for children to connect to virtual or remote learning resources as needed. The SAC program will provide time, access, and space to assist your child in making the decision to work on their school assignments.

Q: Where can I find the information on local school operations?

A: CYP has a School Liason Officer (SLO) to assist parents on school matters. Please contact the JBPHH SLO, Ms. Cherise Castro, at 808-306-9247 or Updated information will be posted at or on the JBPHH CYP group Facebook page at:

Q: What are the rules and guidance for staff and children in SAC programs wearing cloth face coverings?

A: Cloth face coverings will be required to be worn by children while participating in the SAC program when physical distancing cannot be supported. We will NOT require cloth face coverings to be worn during physical play, while eating, or for children who have an identified health concern. We ask that you communicate with your child about the importance of wearing a cloth face covering as a means of protection for others in group settings.

Q: Why is CYP no longer accepting childcare applications?

A: CYP never stopped accepting applications for child care. Families in need of military child care must register for care at You can request care for any center on Ohau through this link, but keep in mind that if the center is full, you will be placed on a waiting list and will receive care as available for your priority group.

Q: Why do CDCs and SAC programs have screening to include a questionnaire and temperature checks, while other MWR facilities don’t?

A: This is a requirement for Child and Youth Programs (CYP) directed by CNIC. MWR closely follows all guidelines for re-starting programs during COVID-19 and while required for CYP, it has not been a requirement in other programs.

Q: Will Intramural Team Sports continue during HPCON C?

A: No. Also, other team sports like football and basketball during HPCON C are not permitted. The following multi-player sports are authorized: outside volleyball (up to “three-on-three” players) and tennis (including “doubles” play), provided social distance mitigations are practiced (including maintaining at least 6 feet of separation between players).

Q: Are the playgrounds on base still open during HPCON C?

A: Yes. Please continue to socially distance your children with children from other households when using the playgrounds. Moms and Dads…don’t forget to socially distance from other parents as well.

Q: Are the beaches open right now ?

A: Only for transit to/from the water. No loitering on any JBPHH beach, including “Honeymoon” Beach, Hickam Beach, Ft Kamehameha (a.k.a “No Dog) Beach, and White Plains Beach.

Q: Can we set up a tent at the beach and/or sunbathe on the beach?

A: Unfortunately, no. Beach access is only for transit to/from the water. Also, no beach chairs or umbrellas are currently allowed on any JBPHH beach.

Q: Can I run along the JBPHH beaches at this time?

A: Unfortunately, no.

Q: Can I swim and play in the waterways located adjacent to the JBPHH beaches at this time?

A: Yes. You can also surf, paddle-board, kayak and fish within the waterways.

Q: Can I rent equipment at Hickam Beach and White Plains Beach?

A: Yes.

Q: Do I have to wear a mask in all MWR facilities?

A: Yes. MWR facilities require a mask to be worn while using their facilities, (except for children under 5 years old) and during all activities (except in cases of physical exertion where a mask may hinder breathing; e.g., swimming, running on treadmills at the fitness centers, etc.). Check with the facility employees for current policy requirements.

Q: Are all MWR facilities open now?

A: In most cases, YES! Most MWR facilities are open for business, some with modified hours. Fitness facilities and athletics facilities are open with modified services for safety reasons. Operations are all subject to change, with the latest information as well as links to resources/proclamations from the government authorities located at:, or keep up by following us on our facebook page @greatlifehawaii.

Q: Are food options on base still “take-out” only?

A: No. Many facilities have begun “dine-in” operations again. All have modified operations or restrictions to comply with social distancing and patron/staff safety. Please see for current info. Face coverings are still required in MWR dining facilities, except when seated and eating.

Q: Are the commissaries and exchanges still open?

A: Yes.

Q: Does my child have to wear a mask while visting the commissaries and exchanges?

A: Yes. If your child is 2 years old or older, they must wear a mask.

Q: I’m bored! Are there any events coming up?

A: Out of an abundance of caution, we have cancelled any gatherings that bring together large groups of people in line with current city/county/state guidelines. We do offer several virtual events that occur regularly. Look for our hosted online gaming tournaments where you can compete in games like “Call of Duty” or “Madden.” For kids, the library hosts a series of storybook readings on Facebook; Arts & Crafts are still offering activities/classes; and Makai Rec is offering classes for multiple program offerings like dance, music, martial arts, etc. Follow @greatlifehawaii or check out for the latest information as well as some at-home activities for you to enjoy. The bowling alley is also open.

Q: Is the Auto Skills shop still open at this time?

A: Yes. The car wash on base is also open.

Q: Is the Hickam Movie Theater open at this time?

A: Unfortunately, no.


Galley & Dining Facilities

Q: Why is the galley dining area closed/secured while many establishments are still open?

A: The Silver Dolphin Bistro and Hale Aina “dine-in” services are under utilized, with only an average of 10-15 people dining in per meal for the last couple of months. With the growing ROM box lunch requests (currently as many as 1700 box lunches requested daily), we needed to consolidate our manpower to meet the growing requirements. “Take-out” service is still available at both dining facilities.

Q: Are we still going to have monthly special meals?

A: Unfortunately, no. Based on our current situation, we had to suspend our monthly special meals in response to HPCON C and recent state policies involving large crowds.


ROM/Testing Questions

Q: Do I have to “quarantine” when notified that someone in my building has tested positive for COVID-19?

A: Maybe. Trace teams (lead by medical groups and command personnel) will investigate each patient IAW CDC guidelines to determine if any personnel meet the criteria for “close contact,” defined as being within 6 feet for periods of 15 minutes or greater. This contact also must have occurred within 48 hours from the patient’s onset of symptoms. These trace teams will contact personnel identified as “close contacts” and inform them of the recommended ROM requirements.

Q: Do I get tested for COVID-19 when notified that someone in my building has tested positive?

A: Maybe. Testing will be governed by the direction of a primary care provider as determined by symptoms.

Q: Does the base have a location for DoD Civilians employees to test or self-isolate?

A: No. Testing is administered as determined by your primary care provider. Consult your primary care provider for more information if directed to ROM. DoD Civilian employees should ROM at their primary residence.

Q: Can a civilian employee self-isolate at NGIS?

A: Unfortunately, no. There is no “Space A” availability at NGIS at this time.

Q: Do I have to take “sick” leave (civilian) for a 14-day self-isolation or will “health administration” leave cover this?

A: It depends. There is different guidance across the enterprise and is dependent on specific situations. Please consult your immediate supervisor for more information.

Q: Can we hold gatherings of more than 10 people outside for a ceremony on Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam during HPCON C?

A: Unfortunately, no. Any gathering (be it social or official, inside or outside) should not exceed 10 personnel. In addition, we should all endeavor to use telework, virtual meeting technology and other physical distance strategies to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Q: If an active duty service member is diagnosed as “positive” with COVID-19 and does not reside in Unaccompanied Housing (i.e., barracks or dorms), where shall he/she “isolate” during directed ROM ?

A: At their personal residence, be it located on or off base.

Q: I live on base in PPV housing. Can my family off-island come and visit right now?

A: Yes; however, the service member shall report the visit to his/her command leadership to help assist with the development of a risk mitigation plan. That plan should include a 14-day ROM, at a minimum.



(Updated: 8/11/20_ag)

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