Pearl Harbor Memorial Chapel (Bldg. 1601) Phone: (808) 473-3971

Sun 0815 Roman Catholic Mass
  1045 CRE and RCIA Classes (Sept-Jun)
  1100 Protestant Worship Service
Mon, Thu, Fri 1135 Roman Catholic Mass
Tue 0900 Women's Bible Study
Wed 1730 Vertical Fellowship Dinner
  1815 Youth & Adult Bible Study
Thur 1830 Roman Catholic Choir Rehearsal
Fri 1830 Homeport Dinner & Bible Study
1st Sun 1045 Catholic Baptism Class



Aloha Jewish Chapel (Bldg. 1511) Phone: (808) 473-3971

Fri 1930 Kabbalat Shabbat
Sat 0815 Shabbat Morning Service (call for service confirmation)



Hickam Chapel Center (Bldg. 1750) Phone: (808) 449-1754

Sun 0830 Contemporary Worship Service
  0945 Catholic Religious Education (K-8)
  1100 Roman Catholic Mass
  1500 AWANA (Aug-May)
  1730 CYO Catholic Youth (Sept-May)
Mon 1800 Catholic Adult Faith Formation
Tue 0900 Catholic Women of the Chapel
  1800 Protestant Women of the Chapel
    Bible Study
  1900 Catholic Choir Rehearsal
1st Tue 1700 Catholic Baptism Class
Wed 0830 Protestant Women and Children of the Chapel
  1800 Catholic Adult Education - RCIA
  1800 Contemporary Praise Team Rehearsal
Tue, Wed 1130 Roman Catholic Mass
Sat 1600 Sacrament of Reconciliation
  1700 Roman Catholic Mass
3rd Sat 0800 Woman 2 Woman Bible Study



Nelles Chapel (Bldg. 500) Phone: (808) 449-6562

Sun 0845 Protestant Traditional Service
  1045 Gospel Worship Service
  1230 Gospel Praise Hula
Mon 1800 Gospel Musicians Rehearsal
Thur 1800 Youth Ministry (Nelles/Pearl Harbor)
  1800 Gospel Choir Rehearsal


JBPHH Command Religious Programs Brochure

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