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Marriage Enrichment Retreat / Workshop
This weekend is intended to assist married couples in strengthening their relationship skills. It is designed to build resilience and strengthen marriages that will flourish amidst the challenges of military service. Couples will learn material that is a scientifically-based and empirically-tested. Topics covered include communication, conflict management, commitment, friendship, sensuality, problem-solving, and emotional supportiveness, among others.

Command Support Training
CREDO offers programs to support command effectiveness. Our Team Building Programs are designed to build more effective and cohesive teams through understanding and leveraging leadership skills that build trust with one’s self, relationships, the command, and the larger society.
Family Enrichment Retreat
This weekend is designed to help each military family increase the positive aspects and functions of the family system. The operational tempo of the military force, multiple deployments, and family separation has placed unique stressors upon military families. The family enrichment retreat is intended to enhance family function/dynamics by engaging in quality communication, problem-solving, familial appreciation, and cohesion, among others.

Personal Resilience Retreat
The Personal Resilience Retreats is designed to empower participants in fostering positive personal growth, positive self-regard, and a heightened state of resilience. This retreat offered at CREDO takes full advantage of the great outdoors in Hawaii.

Suicide Prevention
The CREDO Suicide Prevention Workshops are a multi-tiered program intended to provide standardized professional training for helping professionals in order to establish a common baseline for suicide prevention training methods and skill levels.

All retreats are considered military training; therefore, all active duty members are required to attend the entire retreat. Active duty members may also be asked to obtain permission from their commands to attend the retreat with the understanding that the member will be unavailable for any training, duty, or command functions.

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