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If you have orders to Japan, there are a few points that are key to enjoying your tour, and understanding them will greatly enhance your chances of enjoying your time here. They are all related to the one simple fact that Japan is not the United States. That means it will take some getting used to, but it also means that you will have an opportunity to experience things that you could not experience in the U.S.

Things work differently here. The houses are different; electric power and other utilities are different; shopping, eating, transportation— all different. This can cause some anxiety, but the differences can also be the source of some great positive experiences.

The U.S. military leadership is constantly addressing those issues that may be impediments to your enjoyment of the many positive things here in Japan; but the key factor is your willingness to learn and adapt.

If you have a family, discuss the move with them in detail, especially what differences they can expect. Tell them about the many exciting opportunities that Japan has to offer.

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