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Separations and Retirements

    The transfer section is not only responsible for getting personnel to their next duty station, but also arrange transportation to your separation activity and even act as a separating activity.  The following documents are needed:

- Separation Information Sheet
- Passenger Reservation Request (PRR)
- AMC flight information sheet
- DD884 (Application for Transportation of Dependents)
- Base Check-out sheet
- Separation Physical Examination Notification
- Pet shipment memorandum
- TLA Brief sheet
- TLA worksheet
- Multiple NAVPERS 1070/613 (Administrative Remarks)

The following are documents provided by the member:

- Fleet Reserve Approval Message (enlisted)/Retirement BUPERS Orders (Officers)
- DD Form 2648 (Pre-Separation Counseling Sheet)
- Copies of dependents passports (if traveling w/command sponsored dependents)
- DD Form 1299 (Application for shipment and/or storage of personal property)/Bill of lading (obtained from TMO)
- Termination of lease (if residing off-base)
- Termination of Government Quarters
- Hotel/Lodging receipts
- Transfer/Separation Evaluation or Letter of Extension

    Once the member receives either their retirement approval or their retirement orders, the member can start their separation process.  Once the package has been completed, they can submit them to their command’s admin.  To ensure that we have ample time to do what is needed for us to prepare you for your separation, we ask that your package be submitted at least 60 days prior to detachment.


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