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Family and Unaccompanied Housing

Applying for Family Housing 

All Military Family Housing on Okinawa are administered by the Air Force.  Military Family Housing on Okinawa has a "Live Where You Work Policy." DoD standard for commute time between home and work is 60 minutes or less. Customers are generally offered a unit closest to the duty location. Additionally, there is a "No Housing Preference Policy."

Effective 1 Aug 2009, all inbound accompanied military personnel are required to reside on base. Military assignments will take priority over civilian assignments. Civilians will be assigned on an excess inventory basis only. Newly-assigned military members will be introduced to the new housing program through their mandatory Family Housing Overview briefing.
When you first arrive upon Okinawa Island, the process to obtain a house can appear to be overwhelming and burdensome. The following steps streamline the process and will get you into your new residence as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Step 1: Before any part of the housing placement process can begin, the DoD (military or civilian) employee must have assignment orders.

Step 2: The DoD employee must complete the Kadena specific, Advanced Housing Application, DD Form 1746.

Step 3:  Submit DD Form 1746 and a copy of your Orders to the DoD Military Housing Office by fax (DSN: 632-0311 Com: 011-81-98-962-0311) or you can have your local Housing Office fax the form for you.
The 718th Housing Flight will begin your housing placement process. Submit this form as soon as you have your assignment orders to Okinawa, the application for housing date is the first level of criteria for placement on the housing wait list. DD Form 1746 MUST be on file in order for the member to be placed on the waiting list the first day of the month prior to the month they arrive from CONUS. If a DD Form 1746 is NOT on file, the day the member walks into the housing office is the effective date they are placed on the waiting list.

Step 4: Report to the DoD Military Housing Office on within the first three days of your arrival to Okinawa to begin the housing placement process.

Step 5: Newcomers should attend the housing brief within 3-5 days after arriving on island.  In-briefs are typically held every Mondays at 0800 at the DoD Military Housing Office (Bldg 217 on Kadena Air Base). During peak season (June to September), briefings are held every Monday, Tuesday and Friday at 0800, non-peak season (October to May), Monday and Friday at 0800. Your sponsor can get you started by setting up this appointment for you at the Housing office prior to your arrival. Remember to take a copy of Orders and Dependent Entry Approval to this appointment.

Step 6: The housing office assignments counselor will present a housing offer based on the member’s rank, number of dependents, and duty location.

Step 7: The DoD member tours the housing offer and has one day to accept or reject the housing offer. If member reject the housing offer, TLA (Temporary Lodging Allowance) entitlement will stop.
Step 8: If the member accepts one of the housing units, he / she will notify the counselor who schedules an acceptance appointment with the member.

Step 9: During the acceptance appointment, the member will complete the necessary checklists and paperwork associated with being assigned a house. In addition, the member will formally be provided the keys to the newly assigned residence. 


Service members moving into on-base housing on Okinawa after 1 April 2005 will be limited to TWO (2) pets. The focus is on dogs and cats.

Note: Although members are allowed pets in on-base family housing and some towers (Camp Courtney for Officers and Camp Kinser for Enlisted with three bedroom entitlement), members are advised not to bring pets until they are assigned to a unit.  There is no gurantee that that a member will be assignd a housing unit which allows pets.  Keep in mind that your TLA (Temporary Lodging Allowance) entitlement will stop, if you reject a housing offer.  Only two pets are allowed in family housing.

Information on Japanese Government regulations and procedures pertaining to importation of pets into Japan is available at the following link:

Pet Services on Okinawa



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