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Relocation Assistance


Yokoso Okinawa e (Welcome to Okinawa)!

Take a moment to thoroughly review the permanent change of station orders to ensure awareness and understanding of all applicable entitlements to include current household goods weight restrictions and allowances, military pay and allowances, local housing policies, Government of Japan pet importation regulations, and additional information as may be necessary on a case-by-case basis, immediately upon receipt.  Please review for all of your necessary relocation assistance needs before, during, and after your arrival on Okinawa, Japan. Upon viewing the website, access the tabs on the left side of the screen. The tabs are labeled:

1.) "Welcome!" - Contains a brief synopsis of Okinawa U.S. Marine Corps and U.S. Navy Okinawa command elements.

2.) "Newcomers’ Information Booklet!" - The Camp S.D. Butler Newcomers’ Information Booklet! contains information on the installation overview, must know items, housing, commissary, exchange, transportation, education, employment, medical and dental, survival tips, local community, youth, teens and much more.

3.) "Personal Services" - Provides Information and Referral, Relocation Assistance, Exceptional Family Member Program, Financial Management, Employment, and Deployment Assistance.

4.) "Newcomers' Orientation" - A requirement for all accompanied (all ranks) USMC and USN, civilian employees, family members (military and civilian) age 10 and up, and all unaccompanied USMC (E-6 and above) and USN (E-6 and above), and civilian (all grades) new arrivals are required to attend within 2 weeks of arrival. To register for Newcomers’ Orientation please call 645-8395.


Childcare is available through MCCS Okinawa! Click on the link here to start your registration process.

For Marines and Sailors who are unaccompanied E5 & below Newcomers’ Orientation will take place in building #494 at the Joint Reception Center. To make reservations please call 645-5395.

5.) "How To Get Around" - Contains all relevant United States Forces Japan (USFJ) SOFA (Status of Forces Agreement) Vehicle and Transportation information to include the Driver’s Manual and Road signs for driving in Okinawa and obtaining a SOFA license.  Civilians under the age of 26 registration for the (Thursday) Driver’s Improvement Course (DIC) can be made at 645-3183/2039. Service members can complete the DIC course on-line at Marine Net, Marine On-line, and Navy Knowledge On-line under “Driving for Life”.

6.) "School, Child and Teen" - Presents school information, photos of DoDDS Okinawa schools, registration package, school Liaison Office, MCCS Youth and Teen/Child Care Program and registration package contents, parent handbook, and sample youth sponsorship letters.

7.) "What's It Look Like?" - On-Base/Off-Base Photo Galleries of Okinawa.

8.) "Hot" Relocation Information" - Arrival at Naha/AMC Kadena Air Base, Travelers Tips, Pet Information:

The pet importation process is complex and cannot be adequately summarized. For best results, we recommend that you refer to the Japan District Veterinary Command website. The importation process is described in detail and all necessary forms and contact information can be found there, as well as links to the Government of Japan website on animal importation  

Please refer to the following website for information regarding reimbursement for quarantine for pets. 

Government Housing Information:

U.S. Marine Corps Sponsorship Request Form, U.S. Navy Sponsorship Request Form, Getting Settled Made Easy Appointment Booklet, Sponsorship Checklist, and Temporary Lodging Allowance (TLA) Information.

9.) "MCCS Publications" - View the MCCS publications to include: "Okinawa Living", "Okinawa Guide", and "Okinawa Outdoors".

10.) "Videos" - View the "Welcome Aboard MCB Butler", "Welcome to Okinawa" and "Water Safety" video materials online!

11.) "Web Links" - Major Command website addresses and other helpful web site links.

To call the numbers listed in this document from stateside please dial 011-81-611-7XX-XXXX (The X’s represent the last six digits of the number you are calling).

To create your own "smooth move" Calendar and Check-list click on the following Military Homefront link:


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