Volunteer Services

Volunteer Community Services

CFAO coordinated and conducted 70 volunteer events in 2016 teaching English, beach/street cleanups, elderly home visits, event preparations, and many other activities. 940 Sailors contributed more than 1,700 hours to help the local community and also to build friendship between the U.S. Navy and people of Okinawa.

Wide variety of community service projects can be coordinated and scheduled for personnel and units interested in hosting a community service project.  For more information please contact the Fleet Activities, Okinawa Community Relations Office.

Ms. Hiroe Shiroma  

(Phone:  634-8557 or

E-mail:  hiroe.shiroma.ja(at)fe.navy.mil)

Mr. Shoji Kudaka

(Phone:  634-6748 or 

E-mail:  shoji.kudaka.ja(at)fe.navy.mil)


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