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Fukuoka Airport Shuttle Bus Signup

Sasebo - Fukuoka Airport Shuttle Bus Signup (The “Blue Bus”)

Mission: To provide bus transportation for travelers on funded travel orders to and from Fukuoka Airport and U.S. Fleet Activities Sasebo

FUNDED ORDERS:  Recommend Personnel on Funded Travel Orders (i.e. PCS, TAD, MEDEVAC, E-Leave, etc.) make reservations for “Priority” Seating approximately one week in advance using application below.

A copy of orders, leave request, and/or flight itinerary shall be given to the Bus Attendant upon check-in. Failure to provide these documents and display a Blue Bus request confirmation will result in being placed on stand by for “Priority Seating”.

SPACE AVAILABLE: Personnel requesting Space “A” are “NOT” guaranteed a seat and shall have a Government / Military ID card or Sponsor provided “Base Pass” when checking in with the bus attendant. Personnel with a reservation and flight itinerary will be given priority over other Space “A” requests.

Family Member Assistance Team (FMAT) highly recommends all personnel traveling Space “A” be aware of or have alternate travel arrangements in place. Overbooking occurs when personnel receive “last minute” travel orders; fail to request a seat in advance, and during holidays.

GROUP REQUESTS:  Requests for a group where each traveler is issued funded orders requires either a separate request per customer –or- send the following information to for each person.
                      Last Name, First MI       Command         MIL -or- CIV

All travelers must muster with the bus attendant 30 minutes prior to departure at Sasebo Naval Base Building 203 -or- Fukuoka Airport Domestic Terminal 3 Arrivals (North Gate) waiting area by 7 ELEVEN.

Bus Requests for (Tue - Fri & Holidays) must be made no later than 1530 the day prior and requests for (Sat - Mon) need to be made by 1530 Friday. Otherwise, you will be placed on the stand by list for Priority Seating if on orders and all others will be placed on the Space “A” list when checking in with the Bus Attendant.

A confirmation is sent within 24 hours to e-mail provided with the reservation request.

For personnel with special needs, pets, or other questions, please contact FMAT for assistance:

FMAT Office: Mon thru Fri (0800 to 1630)

DSN:    (315) 252-3627
COMM: 001-81-956-50-3627

Bus Attendant: 090-5927-2329
Duty Phone: 090-5928-6332


For other ways to get from Fukuoka to Sasebo watch this video on YouTube.

**The Department of the Navy nor any other component of the Department of Defense has approved, endorsed, or authorized the service from**

Enter departure date in the form of YYYY-MM-DD (ex. 2015-12-01)
 Fukuoka Airport Domestic Terminal (from Sasebo NB) - 08:30
 Fukuoka Airport Domestic Terminal (from Sasebo NB) - 18:30
 Fukuoka Airport International Terminal (from Sasebo NB) - 08:30
 Fukuoka Airport International Terminal (from Sasebo NB) - 18:30
 Sasebo Base (from Fukuoka AP) - 12:00
 Sasebo Base (from Fukuoka AP) - 22:30
Phone number only. No spaces, dashes, or other special characters.
Full e-mail address requires. (ex.
 1. Funded orders (PCS/TAD/TTDY/COT/RAT/)
 2. Emergency Leave or MEDEVAC
 3. Leave (personnel stationed on FDNF ships with flight)
 4. Leave (CFAS and tennant command military and civilian with flights)
 5. Dependents with flights (non-accompanied)
Plain text only. No hyphens, dashes, or symbols.

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