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Social Media

    Social media describes the different means by which people, enabled by digital communication technologies, connect with one another to share information and engage in conversations on topics of mutual interest. Social media is an umbrella term describing a variety of communication mediums and platforms including social networks, blogs, mobile applications, and others. The way people get information has changed and the desire to have real conversations with individuals, organizations, and government entities has increased. 

Using Social Media

     The Navy encourages service members to share their stories of service online with the American people. The Navy also encourages personnel to use social media to stay connected to loved ones. With the increased quantity and visibility of online information, it is important to maintain integrity and security online at all time. 

Upholding Operations Security

     Operations security (OPSEC) should be maintained online just as it is offline.   OPSEC violations commonly occur when personnel share information with people they do not know well or are unaware of loose privacy settings.  Everyone, including service members and family members, has a duty to protect their command, their shipmates and their family by always maintaining OPSEC. So the next time you send your friends a comment or post a tweet, think about who else may be seeing it.

      Protect your families by limiting the amount and type of information you post about family members such as names, addresses, or schools.

  1. Understand each of your social network’s security settings so you can make informed decisions about who is and is not able to view your information and/or photos.
  2. Keep classified and sensitive information safe by not discussing critical information such as ship movements, deployments, personnel rosters, and weapons information.
  3. If you hesitate when deciding whether you should share information, DON’T post it online!

     Report all possible potential OPSEC breach immediately to your OPSEC officer, security manager, public affairs officer, or supervisor to take any necessary corrective action.


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