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Living in Japan

Living in Japan General Information

Electricity in Sasebo is provided at 100 volts, 60 hertz.  Mostly Type-A outlets

Electrical power for on-base MFH operates at the standard U.S. voltage of 120V, 60 H Type A & B outlets.  Although most of your appliances will not have a problem when you plug them in, CFAS Housing does provide transformers (subject to availability) on our loaner furniture program.

Driving in Japan is exciting.  Exciting in that you will be driving on the wrong side of the car and on the wrong side of the road.  However, driving in Sasebo is fun and safe due to the well maintained roads and markings, and the relatively low speed limit.  Purchasing used vehicles in Sasebo is our recommended option vice shipping your stateside vehicle.  Used cars are plentiful and in generally good condition.  The CFAS Safety Office and Security Department will help you get your license to operate a vehicle, and get your car registered.  Having a valid U.S. license is a requirement.

Japanese Homes are relatively small.  Although our MFH units are equipped with standard sized (large washers/dryers and refrigerators), you will find that the homes in the local community uses a smaller “compact” version to fit their smaller homes.  We recommend that you don’t ship your washers, dryers or refrigerators.  Watch out if you are shipping large/bulky furniture such as big couch or entertainment centers.  Your personal property shipment office should be able to give good advice when you schedule your HHG shipment and survey.

Internet connectivity in Japan is plentiful.  Our MFH units are cable ready to receive Armed Forces Network programming and high-speed internet connections.  Residents may acquire additional cable channels for an additional fee.  Cell phones and other high-tech gadgets are plentiful in Japan. No worries - you can still connect to your favorite apps.

DOD Schools in Sasebo is serviced by DODEA Pacific.  The link below will take you to their site so you can get important information about EJ King High School, Sasebo Elementary School, and Jack N Darby Elementary school.

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