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Pets in Sasebo

Dogs are authorized in all MFH townhouse, garden apartment, 1st and  2nd floor of tower units at CFAS. However, the second floor garden apartment units and tower units does not have a yard.

All non-domestic animals are not allowed in MFH. This includes, but not limited to: snakes, lizards, pot belly pigs, rabbits, chinchillas, chickens, ducks, ferrets, monkeys, reptiles and tarantulas.  Raising animals of any type, including birds and fish, for commercial purposes is not allowed.

Owners are permitted to keep two pets in their assigned unit (e.g., two cats, one cat and one dog; etc.).  All pet must be registered with the Sasebo Veterinary Treatment Facility, have proper inoculations, and be micro-chipped for identification at all times.  Pet cats must be spayed or neutered.

Pet owners will be held personally and financially responsible for the care of their pets, cleanliness of their MFH and the entire CFAS housing community.   Pet ownership at CFAS MFH is a conditional privilege.

Only pet dogs arriving PCS with members or in the process of transporting to Japan shall be taken into consideration when making housing assignments.  Pets acquired after arrival will not be considered when making assignments in any circumstance. 

Documentation certifying registration, inoculations, spaying, or neutering must be submitted to the Housing Services Center upon initial assignment and upon request.  Failure to submit the documents shall be cause to refuse a pet from staying in Military Family Housing.

Bringing pets will seriously interfere finding a place to live, both on and off base.  Housing applicants are advised via Family Entry Approval message and PCS Orders not to bring their pet dog(s) until it is determined if the type of unit they will be assigned will allow the dog.

For more information on importing pets, please contact the Sasebo Veterinary Treatment Facility at      

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