Criminal Investigations Division

Criminal Investigations Division (CID)

Mission Statement: To defeat, detect, deter and investigate all violations of the UCMJ and local law.

CID investigates crimes committed by or against SOFA members on and off base. We encourage the reporting of all incidents. If you would like to report a suspected crime you \ have the option to remain anonymous.


CID is committed to preventing crimes and ensuring the safety and security of CFAS personnel. CID is available upon appointment, to conduct crime-prevention surveys for living quarters (both residential and barracks), at nonappropriated fund/retail activities, and at morale, welfare, and recreational facilities.

In an effort to curb theft and assist in recovering lost or stolen property CID promotes the Operation Identification Program. Operation ID consists of marking personal property with a unique owner applied number applied to high value property. The preferred method is to mark high value items with the owner’s driver’s license number, entered as the two letter state abbreviation followed by a slash and then their personal license number, e.g., NH/123456789. It is recommended personnel mark items by engraving or using permanent or ultraviolet ink. Do not use social security numbers to mark items due to PII issues! Once an item has been marked keep a personal log with the item marked, item number, and location on the item the mark was placed.     

                 Investigator William Harville
                 DSN: 252-3307
                 COM: 0956-50-3307
                 Duty: 090-5946-7716

                 Investigator Miranda Ballard
                 DSN: 252-3306
                 COM: 0956-50-3307
                 Duty: 090-7921-5711


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