Pretrial Confinement Facility (PCF) is located in building 1397 at the corner of Fechteller and Radford Street. The PCF provides support of SEVENTH and FIFTH Fleets, 13 forward deployed ships, and 71 tenant commands, and all branches of the military. 


The mission of Pretrial Confinement Facility (PCF) is to provide safe, clean, and secure confinement of male prisoners and pre-trial prisoners that are awaiting trial or serving a short term (up to 30 days) confinement. PCF supports the maintenance of good order and discipline among confined personnel, mentors and help ensure the safety and return to a productive civilian/military offense-free life.

Check In Requirements for PCF can be downloaded here.

The PCF's normal hours of operation are from 0700 - 1600.

For information regarding visitation, please contact our Control Center @ 243-9430. The Control Center is manned 24 Hours.

  • Officer in Charge (OIC): 243-7015
  • Operations: 243-2552
  • Admin: 243-2551
  • Brig Duty Officer: 243-5373


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