Rules and SOPs


Please note that you must provide a copy of your orders upon check-in at Yokosuka and Narita.  Without copies of your orders, you will be designated space available.



Check-in is one hour prior to the bus departure time. All travelers MUST be present inside the lobby 30 minutes prior to departure for a short brief and roll call.


Luggage is limited to two large suitcases and one hand-carried item that can fit overhead racks. Luggage will not include bulky items that cannot fit the lower bus compartment, including surfboards, javelins, skis, and similar items. Passengers are responsible for loading and unloading their own luggage.

Bus Manners

No smoking, eating or drinking is allowed on the bus. Music listening is only permitted with headphones and should not be audible to other passengers. Narita Shuttle bus staff may deny service to an intoxicated person or those acting inappropriately.


Active duty/DoD civilians must comply with Commander, U.S. Naval Forces, Japan regulations governing appropriate attire. It is strongly recommended that military personnel wear civilian clothing.

Passenger Under 18

Passengers under the age of 18 need parent or guardian escorts 18 years old or older.


No Pets are allowed 

Contact NAVFAC Far East (243-7207) to make other travel arrangements with pets.

Drop Off Points

For Force Protection reasons and to minimize delays for the other passengers, the shuttle bus arriving at
Yokosuka base will not stop at the main gate or other intermediate locations to drop off passengers. The shuttle bus will drop off passengers only at the PSD building (Bldg 1555) and the Navy Lodge. Passengers cannot request changes in bus drivers' itineraries, such as drop offs at the main gate or Bachelor Officers Quarters.

Guest Policy

For Force Protection reasons, guests are not allowed on the Narita Shuttle Bus unless pre-registered as a House Guest, signed up for the bus, and escorted by sponsors. Accordingly, if having guests that you would like to bring on base from the Narita International Airport, please pre-apply at least 3 working days in advance by submitting a completed House Guest Pass application form to the Industrial Security Office (ISO) at the main gate Pass Office, Bldg. 1495. For additional information, please call the ISO at DSN 243-5330/9523, 046 816 5530/9523 from off base; or 011 8146 816-5530/9523 from outside Japan, or check COMFLEACT, Yokosuka Industrial Security Office (ISO) web page.

Escorted guests with pre-approved House Guess passes are allowed entry to the base on the Yokosuka Shuttle Bus. However, guests and sponsors must check-in at the ISO within 24 hours of arrival. Guests arriving without the Armed Force ID, CAC, or House Guest Passes will be picked up by Security personnel at the PSD building and transported to ISO visitor control at the main gate. To avoid delays following long tiring trips, please pre-register House guests. Persons of nationalities of debarred countries (e.g. People's Republic of China, Iran, and Vietnam.) listed in USFJINST 31-204 are barred from access to the base without sponsors completing special processing requests requiring personal History Statements and passports. At least two weeks should be allowed for this processing. Please contact the ISO for more information.

Click here to download:
House Guest Pass application form (CFAY 5532/2A (Rev. 6-13))


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