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YCAT is an airport shuttle bus that offers direct transportation service between Narita Airport and Yokohama Station. Using TAXI and YCAT option is the easiest and most convenient alternative; however, travelers are free to choose any other alternative that they want, including NEX or Other public or private transportation service available off base.

Travelers from Negishi are encouraged to use public transportation such as TAXI and YCAT (Yokohama City Air Terminal) shuttle bus to the Narita Airport.

Travelers on official PCS and TAD orders can claim Taxi, Local bus, Train, YCAT, or other transportation fares on travel claim.

A brochure with detailed information on YCAT, Taxi, and public bus service is available at Negishi Admin Office, Narita Bus Counter (PSD Building # 1555 Yokosuka) and also our web page down below. Negishi Admin Office 242-4101.

YCAT Offers

  • Direct service to the Narita airport from Yokohama station.
  • Easy Access from / to Taxi stand.
  • Bilingual Ticket counter clerk.
  • Frequent bus runs: 50 Runs from YCAT station and 52 runs from Narita Airport.
  • Takes only 90 minutes to/from the Narita Airport with a comfortable coach.
  • No reservation necessary. You can buy a ticket up to 2 minutes prior to a departure.
  • Waiting lobby, coin lockers, drug store, cafeterias, convenience stores, and bar are available at the terminal.
  • Drinking and eating are permitted on a coach

For more information and YCAT bus schedule, please check YCAT website:  
Business Hour: From 0800 to 1900 Tel: 045-459-4800

How To Ride YCAT

To Narita Airport

  1. Take a Taxi or local bus to YCAT Terminal at Yokohama Station. Please see TAXI INFO for more information.
  2. When you get off at the Taxi stand, follow a sign and take the escalator up to the 1st floor. You will see the YCAT Ticket counter. Buy a ticket for Narita Airport at the ticket counter.
  3. Follow the sign to the Poll No.1 for boarding. You can leave your luggage to the YCAT people waiting at the Poll. They will take care of your luggage.
  4. Wait for the Shuttle bus at the waiting lobby.

From Narita Airport

  1. Buy your ticket at the YCAT Ticket counter at the Narita Airport. They are located in the arrival lobbies of Terminal 1, Terminal 2 and Terminal 3.
  2. Follow the sign to the boarding place. Terminal 1: Poll No. 3 or No.12. Terminal 2: Poll No.5 or 15. Terminal 3: Poll No. 5. 

Please check official Narita International Airport website for more information.
Airport Access Information:

YCAT Station At Yokohama Station






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