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Restriction of Movement (ROM) Information

CNFJ's Regional ROM PolicyEnglish and Japanese (Updated 4 Oct. 2021)


All Sailors and Families reporting to CFAY have to ROM on installation (at NGIS/Navy Lodge) and it is paramount they coordinate with their sponsors and make the reservations early. We highly encourage new arrivals to coordinate with the CFAY’s Housing Office for direct assignment to alleviate/shorten the ROM at NGIS and Navy Lodge.

Navy Gateway Inns and Suites:

Navy Lodge Yokosuka:

CFAY Housing Office:

DIRECT ASSIGNMENT (Direct Assignment to Military Housing Upon Arrival)

To facilitate incoming families with moving directly into Military Family Housing upon arrival in Japan, which will enable completion of Restriction of Movement (ROM) period at the new residence.

If you prefer to accept direct assignment, your command POC or sponsor will need to contact us at for further information and guidance. The earliest possible notification requesting direct assignment is appreciated - minimum of 1-week prior arrival.

The following documents are required:

Travel Restriction of Movement (ROM) and USFJ COVID ROM Exit Testing Program

In accordance with FRAGORD 003 to USFJ Force Public Health Order 21-002 and in order to further mitigate the risk of importing new COVID-19 cases into Japan due to international travel all SOFA individuals who meet the criteria below must enter a Restriction of Movement (ROM) / holding period Status and receive a negative viral Test, including Active Duty, DoD Civilian Employees, DoD Contractors, and Dependents:

  • Individuals who arrive in Japan as part of a Permanent Change of Station (PCS) Move.
  • Individuals who arrive or return to Japan as part of Temporary Assigned Duty (TAD).
  • Individuals who arrive or return to Japan as part of any Approved Leave period.

Please follow the below steps to ensure you have all of the information and required documents in order conduct your ROM in accordance with current regulations and to be tested on time.

1. Download, review and follow the CFAY ROM “Travel ROM” requirements Travel ROM-ANNEX 1 to CFAY ROM SOP (Updated May 3, 2021) and/or the ROM Flow Chart PowerPoint Slidedeck.

2. Download, fill out and turn in the required ROM Exit Testing forms. COVID-19 TESTING BENEFICIARY REGISTRATION FORM This form will allow personnel and authorized dependents to be registered at the US Naval Hospital Yokosuka in order to be tested.

  • Step 1: Download the form to your device.
  • Step 2: Open form in Adobe Acrobat.
  • Step 3: Click the "pencil" icon and select "Fill and sign."
  • Step 4: Fill out the form completely. All blocks are required to register.
  • Step 5: Save with the name of the individual as the file name.
  • Step 6: Follow the above steps for each person in the household. Save as a different file name for each person
  • Step 7: Email all the completed "COVID-19 Testing beneficiary Registration Forms" to USNH Patient Administration:

CDNS REGISTRATION FORM This form will allow personnel and authorized dependents to be registered in the Fleet Activities Yokosuka Emergency Mass Notification and Warning System. This system will help CFAY communicate with all personnel during ROM and provide important information about testing as well as keep you informed of any emergency situations. Once filled out you can simply click the “Submit Form” button on the upper left of the PDF or the form can be e-mailed to with the subject line of CDNS Form.

NMRTC YOKOSUKA COVID-19 LAB SAMPLE INTAKE FORM - This form is required to be completed in paper format and made available to USNH Staff when the individual is tested. Paper copies are available at the CFAY bus desk on arrival, however, it is the responsibility of the command or employer to ensure all persons in ROM are provided blank copies of this form prior to reporting for testing.

3. General ROM Requirements:

  1. Do not go outside of your domicile/room.
  2. Do not go to work.
  3. Do not visit the commissary, NEX, Gym, or other public places.
  4. In the event of a building evacuation due to emergency, ensure you have a mask and follow the posted egress signs. Separate yourself to the greatest extent possible, if anyone approaches clearly state you were in a ROM status at the time of the evacuation and ask them to maintain appropriate distance.
  5. Ensure all ROM Exit Testing Forms and requirements are met.
  6. Conduct daily self-evaluation of yourself and any family members in ROM. Is anyone currently feeling ill, even if the symptoms are mild?
    • Loss of taste/smell Cough/ Shortness of Breath/Sore throat?
    • Chills/Body Aches?
    • Temperature greater than 100?


*CNFJ/CNRJ ROM policy can be more restrictive than Navy policy and all personnel must stay informed current and follow USFJ, CNFJ/CNRJ, or CFAY Public Health Emergency Orders regardless of ROM lodging location.

4. Maintain contact with your parent command and/or command sponsor, ROM / holding period testing rosters are developed using data from the daily ROM reports from tenant commands/activities. (Personnel not being reported will not be scheduled for testing, if you have not be contacted about an exit test by your eighth day of ROM / holding period, contact your parent command or sponsor to ensure you are being reported properly).

5. Follow all instructions and requirements on your assigned testing day. Once a sample has been taken for testing, results are generally available within 24 hours.

6. Once you have completed a full 14-Days of ROM or holding period and received a negative COVID viral Test you will be released from ROM / holding period by your Parent Command or Organization.

Important Telephone Numbers:

  • On Base Emergency: 911 (On Base DSN Line) / 046 816 0911 (Japanese Cell Phone)
  • USNH Yokosuka Quarterdeck: 243-7144
  • Preventive Medicine Admin Number: 243-9774 / 243-9776
  • Preventive Medicine Duty Number: 080-7709-2693
  • USNH Emergency Department Admin Number: 243-5137
  • CFAY Emergency Operations Center: 243-1706/1710/1715
  • CFAY Command Duty Officer: 080-7709-5698 (Japanese Cell Phone) 
  • Questions, Issues, Assistance? Contact the CFAY Community Information Resource Call Center (CIRCC): 243-9303/9304 Email:

SHOTEX Forms and Guides:

NOTE 1: All personnel and dependents arriving to CFAY installation may not exit ROM or holding status until the full 14-day requirement has been met and all occupants receive negative viral test results. Personnel will be tested on day 8 of their ROM / holding period.

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