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Fitness and Sports

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ADULT SPORTS:  Our events are open to all Active Duty personnel, DOD civilians and dependents at least eighteen years of age, out of high school and with valid ID. We offer major sports such as basketball, softball, flag football, soccer, volleyball and more.

FITNESS:  If you are looking to get fit, stay fit, or get fit even more, the Fitness programs may just be what you need. We offer fun runs and activities for you and your whole family. Don't know where to start? Looking for motivation? Our personal trainers are here to help you achieve your individual goals! One-on-one session and group session packages are available. We also offer a variety of martial art classes.

GYMS HAWK’S NEST: This 14,000 sq. ft. facility offers a perfect atmosphere for marital arts classes, group fitness classes, and Command PT. From TRX, sandbags, plyoboxes, and heavy bags - Hawk’s Nest offers another option to those seeking space and alternative strength training options.

PURDY FITNESS CENTER: The fitness center has both free weight and selectorized weight rooms as well as a family fitness area where you can find cardio and strength equipment as well as a safe area for your children while you work out. Purdy Fitness Center also has two racquetball courts, two basketball courts, and a 50-meter swimming pool. The swimming pool offers year round swim lessons, water fitness, lap swimming, and recreational swimming.

FLEET GYM:  Fleet Gym takes up the 4th and 5th floors of the JD Kelly Fleet Recreation building. We offer a spin room as well as an aerobics room that support over 40 classes per week. We also provide a functional fitness area with free-weights, selectorized weight equipment, and 2 racquetball courts.

IKEGO GYM:  Ikego Gym is available 24 hours a day (unmanned). Our cardio area has equipment such as; bikes, treadmills and ellipticals as well as free weight and selectorized weights.

AQUATICS PURDY FITNESS CENTER POOL:  There are 3 pools in total under Yokosuka MWR's umbrella. One on Ikego housing and 2 within Yokosuka NB. Purdy Fitness Center Pool is a 50 meter Olympic sized indoor pool. We are open most of the year providing activities for youth, the families and sailors aboard CFAY.

GREEN BEACH POOL:  This outdoor pool is located adjacent to PSD. It is our recreational swimming pool which includes a slide and kiddy pool. Green Beach is open during swim season only.

IKEGO POOL:  This 20 meter by 15 meter pool is the best choice for families in the area during the summer season.

DEPLOYED FORCES SUPPORT PROGRAM:  MWR’s Deployed Forces Support Program enhances the quality of life for more than 180,000 Sailors and Marines at sea and forward-deployed Navy ground forces. Sports, recreational programs, physical fitness equipment, social activities (parties/picnics), tours, subsidies/rebates and gear locker checkout are just a few of the morale-enhancing opportunities offered.

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