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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Concerning Military Family Housing Assignment Policy


1) How does the Military Family Housing assignment process work?

ANS: Military personnel will report in person to the Housing Office (HO) within three business days of arriving at their PDS. The HO will schedule a housing brief. During the brief, control dates will be verified and if available, a Family Housing (FH) unit will be offered. If no FH is available, member will be placed on the appropriate waiting list. If housing is available, follow-on appointments will be made by the HO to advise member on other requirements necessary to move in to FH (loaner furniture, housing application package submission, etc.). Military personnel must attend the on-base brief to maintain their TLA eligibility.


2) If I am a civilian employee already in military family housing, will I be required to vacate my assigned unit due to the 5 year occupancy rule for civilian residents?

ANS: Yes, the 5 year occupancy rule for civilian residents remains effective, and you will be required to vacate your assigned military family housing after being assigned to it for 5 years.


3) Can I request to be assigned to a specific area or housing type?

ANS: The Military Family Housing policy states that members will be assigned based on eligibility and entitlement, regardless of location or type of unit.


4) I am a military member and already live off-base. I am getting married soon. Will I be required to apply for Family Housing (FH)?

ANS: You may request to apply for FH once you have command sponsorship; however, you will not be required to apply or move on-base.


5) What is the ratio of townhouses vs. tower units in the housing inventory?

ANS: Townhouse units constitute approximately 35% of the housing inventory.

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