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Personal Finance Management


FFSC provides a variety of financial workshops and classes focused on helping you to learn, understand and manage your financial matters. In addition, FFSC Financial Educators provide quarterly CFS training to area Command Financial Specialists enabling individual commands to provide on-going financial training and counseling support to active duty command members. 

Services and classes include:

 Car Buying Strategies

Check out my ride! Do you know what a holdback is? If not, we'll see you in class. In this class, you'll learn all the ins and outs of buying a car. How to negotiate price, trade-in, financing, etc. We'll teach you lingo that car sales people speak and the strategies they use. You'll learn about car insurance, premiums, deductibles, gap insurance and a host of websites that will arm you with the knowledge to get the best deals on wheels.

Credit Management

Do you know your FICO score? You should! We'll teach you all you ever wanted to know about credit: how to build it, how to maintain it, when to use it, how not to abuse it, how to obtain your FICO score, how to opt out of those annoying credit card offers you get in the mail, along with a few other things. We'll also discuss your defenses against ID Theft.

Developing Your Spending Plan

Too much month at the end of the paycheck? In this interactive class, you'll learn the importance of a written spending plan. You'll learn about the Financial Pyramid, the Financial Planning Worksheet, and creative ways to find extra cash on even the tightest budget. We don't tell you how to spend it, we teach you how to keep more of it.

Home Buying

(Only the biggest financial decision you'll ever make. Come to this class to arm yourself with as much information as you can about the process of buying a house. Realtors won't teach you this information, they want to sell you a house. Creditors won't teach this information, they want to close the loan. But we'll teach you this information. We'll talk hot markets, cold markets and the real estate "bubble".

Paying For College

The lifetime earnings gap between college and high school graduates is over $1 million dollars. So how do you plan to pay for an Education? We will discuss different types of financial aids for you and your children, including College Saving plans, Scholarship opportunities, Grants, Loans, Work-Study, Section 529 plans, Coverdell Education Saving Account, Tax incentives and provide resources for more information.

Planning for Retirement

What will your retirement years be like? Will there be enough income to live comfortably? Research shows that you'll need more that just your military retirement and Social Security to get by. Learn how to make decisions now, to ensure your retirement funding needs are met in the future. Don't wait!

Saving & Investing

Making money with your money can be a very confusing idea. With so many different services, products, and potential risks facing the first-time investor, a basic understanding of the principles can be worth a lot of money. It's not hard to become a millionaire on Navy pay. Come and see how it's done!

TSP - Thrift Savings Plan

Is it possible to become a millionaire on a military paycheck? Yes it is! The Thrift Savings Plan can be one of the vehicles to becoming a millionaire. This brief will provide an overview of the Thrift Savings Plan, How to enroll, TSP Investment Options, Contribution Limits, Withdraw Options, Retiring and Separating Options, L-Funds and more. 

CFS - Command Financial Specialist Training (5 days)

FFSC trains and supports each command’s mandatory CFS Program in accordance with OPNAVINST 1740.5B. CFS’ are nominated by their commands as special assistants to senior leadership. They help others with car buying, checking account management, credit and bankruptcy, and financial planning. This five-day training provides the candidate with practical counseling and training skills for helping command members deal effectively with their personal financial concerns.  Please email for registration.   (Please use CFS as your subject line.) Thank you.

Million Dollar Sailor (MDS)

Million Dollar Sailor (MDS) is a two-day training designed to assist Sailors and their families to successfully navigate through the transitions of Navy life and the financial challenges that accompany them. The purpose of the training is to:

  • Provide a basic understanding of financial issues.
  • Create an awareness of assistance resources available.
  • Develop problem solving skills with regards to financial issues.
  • Promote strategies of achieving financial growth.

Topics covered include Militry Pay, Spending Plan, Consrumer Awareness,Insruance, Credit, Car Buying, Home Buying and Wealth Building: Saving and Investing/Retirement Planning. 

For updates and classes, please call DSN 243 3372/6716 or commercial 046-816-3372/6716 or email  Please check us out in Facebook!


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