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Professional Counseling


Family Advocacy Program

The Family Advocacy Program addresses domestic violence and child abuse prevention, education and intervention and trains command leadership on key issues involving domestic violence and child abuse. Strict rules on confidentiality are enforced to all services provided. Assistance and treatment services are offered to both victims and offenders.

OPNAVINST 1752.2B requires all DON personnel to report known Spouse Abuse and Known or suspected Child Abuse or Neglect. In order to report domestic violence or child Abuse, contact security 24/7 at 243-2300 or 911.

Following the report, security will notify Family Advocacy for appropriate action. Family Advocacy may recommend: Domestic violence education, parenting classes, individual and/or marital counseling, anger management, etc. The case, if determined to meet the criteria for Family Advocacy, will go through the case management process as set forth by the OPNAVIST 1752.2B.  Only those individuals with a need to know, will be kept updated regarding the case.


Clinical Services

Qualified Clinical Counselors at FFSC provide confidential counseling and support, addressing the emotional needs of military families. Counselors provide a range of counseling programs and services that include:


Pre-Marriage Seminar (1 day)

Engaged to be married? Planning on tying the knot here in Japan? If so, then you need to attend this seminar. We will cover important areas regarding marriage procedures, command sponsorship, immigration, passport procedures, financial management, successful marriage and family planning. This course is a required prerequisite for marriage in Japan under COMNAVFORJAPAN Instruction 1752.1S.

  • Marital and Family Conflict
  • Anger Management
  • Stress Reduction
  • Communication, Anger and Stress Management, Assertiveness (CASA) 
  • Sexual Assault Prevention and Response (SAPR) Program


Services are offered on individual, couple, family and group basis and all are free of charge to all military and SOFA sponsored personnel.

Please call 243-7878 (commerical 046-816-7878) for more information.

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