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Life Skills Workshop

Life Skills Workshops are designed to help the military families learn to competently and confidently manage their Navy lifestyle.  All our classes are FREE!  Check our monthly calendar for available dates and please call 243-3372 to register.

Communication, Anger & Stress Management and Assertiveness:  Does your life seem out of control?  How do you deal with anger and stress issues?  Would you like to improve your personal communication skills?  This workshop is designed to help you build skills in these important areas of your life!

Joys and Challenges of Parenting:  Is a dynamic servie designed to elicit and enhance participants basic understanding of parenting children of all ages.  This is a four session 8 hour workshop that builds upon the knowledge and experience parents already have while offering key insights to nurture their ongoing parenting success.

Pre-Marriage Seminar:  Engage to be married?  Planning on tying the knot here in Japan?  If so, then you need to attend this seminar.  We will cover important areas regarding marriage procedures, command sponsorship, immigration, passport procudures, financial management, and successful and family planning.  This course is a requrie prerequisite for marriage in Japan under (COMNAVFORJAPAN Instruction).

English as a Second Language:  This class is designed for anyone whose first language in not English.  In this class, students practice Basic English skills and learn about American culture.  Special attention is given to speaking English in an everyday setting.

Japanese Spouse Group:  This class is focused on the special concerns of Japanese spouses that are new to the Navy and Yokosuka, Negishi, or Ikego bases.  Our bi-lingual instructors have valuable first-hand knowledge to share and will help you feel more comfortable with your new role as a Navy spouse!  The network portion of the class will give you the chance to make friends with other Japanese spouses and share your experiences as a military spouse.  This class is conducted in Japanese.

Please call 243-9632/3372 or email for more information!

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