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New Parent Support


The first three years of life are critical in a child's physical, emotional, and intellectual development. Military life presents some unique parenting challenges, such as frequent deployments, long duty hours, moves to unfamiliar locations, and separation from extended families and friends. The New Parent Support Program is here to help military families with young children to adapt to parenthood and to thrive as healthy families no matter where their service may take them. Program benefits are available to military families and SOFA sponsored families, who are expecting a child, or who have a child or children up to three years of age. All services are free, voluntary and confidential.


The New Parent Support Program is staffed by a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) and a Registered Nurse (RN). Both have specialized training in early childhood development and nurturing parenting.


Benefits of the Program:


  • Becoming more confident and knowledgeable as a parent
  • Decrease stress
  • Learn why kids do what they do
  • Improve your relationship with your children
  • Make parenting fun
  • Meet others and develop friendships
  • Improve communication between you and your spouse
  • Understand the ages and stages of your child’s development


Services and classes include: 

  • Home Visits for New Parents
    During a home visit, a NPSP staff member provides guidance regarding normal growth and development of children, and addresses common concerns regarding issues such as breastfeeding, sleeping, nutrition, and behavior management. A NPSP home visitor can also provide a wealth of information on resources and activities in the local community. Visits may be conducted in your home (on and off base), barracks, our office, or a location that is convenient to you. Whether you are expecting, a new parent, or a family with one or more children under the age of three; call 243-7878 to discuss the program or to schedule a visit.


  • Nurturing Parenting Program
    The New Parent Support Program offers the Nurturing Parenting Program. Nurturing Parenting is a proven program for parents and their children that is internationally recognized for enhancing self worth, empathy, discipline, and empowerment. Join the thousands of families’ world wide who have experienced the excitement of learning the philosophy and skills of Nurturing Parenting, having fun, and growing closer as a family. These courses are offered at home or in our office. Call 243-7878 to inquire.


  • Labor & You (4 hours)
    If you are having a baby, it is easy to feel overwhelmed by the process of childbirth. This course can help calm your worries and help answer your many questions. Offered in conjunction with nurses from the USNH Yokosuka, Japan, we cover many issues regarding childbirth including preparing for delivery, pain management, delivery, and post-partum care. You will also receive a tour of the Labor and Delivery unit (3AOB) at the hospital. Offered monthly, please call 243-3372 to schedule.


  • Play Morning (1.5 hours)
    Playgroups offer a chance for families to enjoy learning and playing together, while meeting other parents and their children. The groups are generally parent-led (parent must be present), with overall supervision by NPSP staff. Typical activities include, free play, organized games, and other special events. Playgroups enable families to form a healthy habit of having fun together while meeting others. Offered weekly, please call 243-3372 to schedule.


  • Boot Camp for New Dads (3 hours)
    A proven program taught by dads for dads. The course prepares men to be dads in all respects, starting with holding and comforting a baby. Veteran dads demonstrate burping, changing, swaddling, the "trouble shooter’s guide" to crying babies, and deal with a broad set of issues including bonding, work hours, forming a parenting team, safety, preventing child abuse. Men Only can enroll!! Offered monthly, call 243-3372 to schedule.


  • Baby Basics (2 hours)
    When you bring home a new baby, you never know exactly what to expect. Our Baby Basics class teaches routine baby care, baby safety, breast and formula feeding, signs of a sick baby, and other important topics. Questions are always welcome, and being around other expectant parents provides a comfortable, relaxed environment. Offered monthly, call 243-3372 to schedule.


  • Basic Breastfeeding (2 hours)
    If you are expecting a baby (moms and dads), and you are considering or plan to breastfeed, you should be aware that it may not come as naturally for you as you had hoped. This course is designed provide you with benefits of breastfeeding, instruction on the basics of breast feeding, nutritional concerns, and how to deal with problems. Offered monthly, call 243-3372 to schedule.


Individual appointments, hospital or clinic visits, or telephone consultations are done upon request. Please call a New Parent Support Program Coordinator at 243-7878. Please click for class schedule

Videos, books and other resources are also available upon request.






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