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Voting Assistance Program



The Web Portal is Your Election Resource

We are ready for the voter!

Everything you need this election season is available at! If you'd like more information on the Federal Voting Assistance Program or need help with the absentee voting process.  Please see the following contacts. 

Installation Voting Officer, Michael Spiltener @ 243 9626



  • Q.  Where is my  " legal voting residence?
  • A.  For voting purposes, "legal voting residence " can be the state or territory where you last resided prior to entering to military service or state or territory that you have since claimed as your legal residence. Even though you may no longer maintain formal ties to that residence, the address determines your proper voting jurisdiction.  To claim new legal residence, you must have simultaneous physical presence and the intent to return to that location as your primary residence

Military and their family members may change their legal residence every time they change permanent duty stations, or they may retain their legal residence without change.  This may mean that the family's  Uniformed Service member has a different voting than his/her family members.  A Judge Advocate General officer or a legal counsel should be consulted before legal residence is changed because there are usually other factors that should be consider besides voting.


  • Q. How do I register to vote or request an absentee ballot?
  • A. You may register and request an absentee ballot, hard copies or the form can be obtained from your installation Voting  Assistance Officers.


  • Q.  I am not in the military; can I also vote absentee?
  • A.   Eligible spouses and children (US citizens, 18 years or older) of military personnel may vote absentee. U. S. civilians residing overseas may vote absentee using th elast place in which the person was domiciled before leaving the United States.  Some states allow children of military personnel and U. S. civilians residing overseas who are U. S. Citizens but who have never resided in the U. S. to claim one of their U. S. citizen parent's legal State of residence as their own.


  • Q. Can I vote in-person where I am stationed?
  • A.  Military members may vote in the U. S. state or territory where stationed if ther change their legal residence to that state or territory, even if they live on a military installations. Be advised that there may be legal obligations, such as taxation, if you change your state of residence.  Therefore, consult a Judge Advocate General Office or legal counsel beoore making such a decision. Currently there are no provisions for personnel stationed outside the U. S. to vote in-person where stationed.

               * Your Voter Registration/Absentee Ballot Request Form must be completed, printed, signed, dated and mailed directly to your local election official.   

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