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Arriving in Japan

If you are arriving at Yokota Air Force Base via an Air Mobility Command (AMC) flight:

AMC flights from the U.S. arrive at Yokota Air Force Base several days a week. Whenever an inbound flight is scheduled, Navy buses are assigned to transport passengers to Yokosuka Naval Base. During peak PCS seasons, when additional AMC flights may be scheduled, additional bus transportation is provided. There is no direct charge to ride the Navy bus from Yokota to Yokosuka. The cost of this bus transportation will be charged to your orders if you are on official travel (such as PCS or TAD.) Be sure to have several copies of your orders with you, in case they are asked for. This policy may change without notice. Scheduled AMC flights typically arrive at Yokota AFB at about 0700. The actual arrival time of AMC flights is always subject to change. Navy buses usually depart for Yokosuka about two hours after the arrival of an AMC flight. The bus departure time will be adjusted if the flight arrives earlier or later than scheduled. Service members, either single or with their families, traveling on PCS orders have priority for seating on the bus. The bus ride from Yokota AFB to Yokosuka Navy Base is about 2-3 hours, longer if traffic is heavy. If you are not being met at Yokota AFB by your sponsor, use of the government-provided bus is mandated for transportation to Yokosuka Navy Base for military and DoD civilian personnel, and their family members, who are traveling on any type of official orders. Unauthorized use of commercial transportation, except under extreme circumstances, may result in reimbursement difficulties when filing a subsequent travel claim. At the present time there is no Navy liaison office in the Yokota AFB AMC passenger terminal. The Army/Air Force liaison or the Terminal Information Counter can provide information assistance.

If you are arriving at Narita International Airport via commercial airline flight:

Most incoming personnel arrive at Narita International Airport located about 1 hour from downtown Tokyo, and about 2-3 hours from Yokosuka. The airlines are split up between two Terminals (No. 1 & No. 2), there is a free shuttle bus between them every 20 minutes. The primary meeting and pickup point is at Terminal No.1 on the ground floor at the Northwest Airlines counter...that's where you will find the Military Liaison. Navy buses for Yokosuka leave three times a day at 1530, 1730 & 1900, if you are traveling on orders, please provide a copy to the Navy Liaison at the counter, or fax a copy to PSD Yokosuka to reserve a seat; all remaining seats on the buses are open on a space available, first come first signup basis. You or your sponsor can contact the PSD Liaison at DSN 243-7777 or Commercial 011-81-46-816-7777. A more exciting alternative is to take the train from Narita to Yokosuka (about 3 hours). Both the Keisei/Keihin Kyuko Line and Yokosuka JR Line have trains leaving from the basement of both Terminals No. 1 & No. 2. The cost varies between ?2000 - ?4000 (approx. $20-40) depending on the line and class of fare purchased. If you miss the Navy buses...this is the best way to get down to the base.

PSD Transportation Desk Update

1. The sign-up hours at the desk have been extended for 3 more hours which began on 1 July so the new hours are from 0730 to 1800 (Monday through Friday) and we also began weekend/holiday sign-ups and the hours are from 0900 to 1430.

2. Customers can also sign up online at:, by emailing, via phone by dialing 243-7777, by fax at 243-9594 or from the U.S. 011-81-46-816-7777/9594.

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