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At Commander Fleet Activities Yokosuka, we enable the fighter by promoting energy resiliency, reliability and efficiency. You can help with this effort by conserving energy.



Q: What are the allowable thermostat setpoints during the summer cooling season and winter heating season?

Per COMFLEACTINST 11300.2G, during the cooling season the thermostats shall be set no lower than 78°F (25.5°C). If your Japanese thermostat is not capable of being set to half degree increments, then it shall be set to 26°C. During the heating season thermostats shall be set no higher than 68°F (20°C). It is the responsibility of the occupants of each space to ensure that the correct temperature set points are followed. Some housing units have the ability to turn on heating units before the official designation of the heating season, or cooling before the official designation of the cooling season. This is not authorized.

Q: Why doesn’t my unit provide heating/cooling for a few weeks during the spring, and again during the fall?

Due to the configuration of the installed heating and cooling equipment, heating and cooling must be secured for about four weeks during the spring and fall (when outdoor air temperatures are milder) so that we can perform preventative maintenance on the equipment. This preventative maintenance reduces the risk of failure during high-use periods, which includes the hot summer months and cold winter months. We strive to perform this maintenance as quickly as possible to reduce the level of discomfort and appreciate your patience during this time.


Building Infrastructure and Energy Manager (BIEM) Program

Energy and Water Management Program

  • COMFLEACTYOKOSUKAINST 11300.2H – Specifies the existence of heating/cooling seasons for preventative maintenance, as well as the heating thermostat set point of 20°C (68°F) and a cooling thermostat set point of 25.5°C (78°F).
  • AC and Heating Requirements Waiver Request Form (Fillable) – Enclosure (2) from COMFLEACTYOKOSUKAINST 11300.2H as a fillable PDF form. BIEMs to complete form and accompany with completed temperature record log. Email completed documentation to Installation Energy Manager to have waiver considered.
  • Temperature Record Log (Fillable) – Fillable PDF to guide BIEMs when documenting claims of inadequate space temperatures for the activity being performed. This document will serve as supporting documentation for the AC and Heating Waiver Request Form. Alternatively, BIEM may request that temperatures be recorded via data loggers. Contact Installation Energy Manager to request use of data loggers.


We want your feedback! If you have comments or concerns about energy or water conservation at any CFAY activity, please send an email to For urgent maintenance concerns (such as electric safety hazards or significant water leaks), call the Public Works Department Trouble Desk at 115 for immediate assistance.

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