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We want your feedback, if you have comments or concerns about energy or water conservation at any CFAY activity, please send an email to CFAYEnergy@fe.navy.mil or call the Public Works Department Trouble Desk at 115 for immediate assistance. (For example electric safety hazards or water leaks)

Building Energy Monitors



CFAY BEM Checklist

Building Energy Monitor Guide

Sign up as Building Energy Monitor / Training Please email CFAYEnergy@fe.navy.mil to become a BEM or to request training.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Should I turn my computer off at night?

The recommendation from Energy Star (www.energystar.gov) is that you turn your computer off at night, for maximum energy savings. When you shut off your computer at night, you are saving energy and it all adds up. Turning your PC on and off does not wear it out. Today's PCs are designed to handle 40,000 on/off cycles (www.microsoft.com) before a failure, and that's a number you likely won't reach during the computer's five-to-seven-year life span. Software and security updates should be scheduled at pre-designated times - check with your organizations IT Professional for the update schedule so that computers and peripherals can be turned off at night or over the weekend.

Instructions & Documents

Base Instructions

Energy and Water Conservation and Management Program

Energy Management and Contingency Plan

Energy Conservation Monitor's Guide
(COMFLEACTINST 11300.2G Encl 1)

Steam Control Criteria For Central Heating & Air-Conditioning
(COMFLEACTINST 11300.2G Encl 2)

CFAY Water Management

Presidential Documents

Executive Order 13693

ASN Memo

Memorandum For Director, Material Readiness and Logistics Deputy Commandant for Installations & Logistics

EPA of 2005

Energy Policy Act (EPA) of 2005

EISA of 2007

Energy Independence and Security Act (EISA) of 2007


Navy/Marine Corps Energy Training Program
Energy Awareness Training
Industrial Energy Awareness Training



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